Candy Japan October 28, 2014 Subscription Box Review


Candy Japan contacted me about reviewing one of their boxes on Hacker This box is the October 28th shipment that arrived November 29th. The shipping took about a month, but it is coming from Japan. So, a month is reasonable. The box was adorable. It has gold, engraved lettering on the blue box and adorable little “Travel” tape. The tape is travel themed and has little suitcases and such on it. So adorable. For $25 you get 2 of these boxes a month with shipping already included. 2 of these? So cool! The October 28th box (arrived November 29th) contained 2 pretty big bags and 1 box of candy. I was hoping for more, but when I saw how much was in the bags and box I was pretty happy with the haul.

Sakeru Gummi

Talk about a weird texture! Sakeru (さける) means “to split” or “tear,” and that is exactly what you’re supposed to do with these grape flavored gummis. Although I don’t see what harm eating one all at once could do. Perhaps too much flavor? Challenge accepted.

Feels and looks like bubble tape gum, but tastes like a grape gummi bear. You tear it like string cheese. You won’t get as fine a string, more like yarn thickness. The bag in the picture contains 7 individually wrapped pieces about 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. The grape flavor isn’t too overpowering, but I couldn’t see eating more than 2 pieces or the grape flavor would become too overpowering for me. Captain Little Dude got to try one as well. He liked them well enough, but wasn’t incredibly impressed.

Matcha Chocolate Balls

Matcha is traditional Japanese green tea. It’s served and used but don’t be put off if you’re not a fan! The matcha frosting inside is very sweet, and the outer chocolate shell has a lot of flavor too. It also provides a nice satisfying crunch!

Not a creamy chocolate like we are use to, more like a chocolate cheeto sort of texture with a creamy green tea center. The bag contained a dozen or more chocolate balls that were about an inch in diameter. The chocolate is pretty good. Not very sweet at all. The green tea center is creamy and sweet. It isn’t horrible, but I can’t decide if I like it. I gave the bag to Jedite. He seemed to enjoy them immensely!

Pokemon Pretzels

Pokemon! All your favorites are here too! Pikachu, Firefoxy, Blindblue, uh…Molegrasshat? Alright. I have no idea who there other Pokemon are. I’m officially old. What I do know is that these crispy pretzel snacks are covered in white chocolate and “candy chips.” They taste like cake!

We got 12 sticks in our box and only one was broken. They look like vanilla pocky. They taste like cake flavored pocky!!! I did not want to share these with Jedite they were so tasty! My favorite candy in the box. They didn’t last very long. Now where can I order more of these…?

Want to give Candy Japan to a friend? Go to Candy Japan and send a gift subscription. You will get a gift code. If you know the recipient’s address, you can claim the gift code yourself and enter the address. If you don’t know it, you can send the gift code by email / Facebook to the happy recipient. A very worthy gift this holiday season!

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