Oishi Fun February 2015 Box

Hacker Labs was sent a free box from Oishi Fun in exchange for our honest review. We had a little issue with shipping and our first box did not arrive, but Oishi Fun’s top notch customer service department sent out another box pretty quickly. We ended up getting both boxes on the same day! This is the first box that was meant for February 2015.

Oishi Fun open w scale Oishi Fun open no chips

The box comes in a normal brown box, but once opened it looks like a present with pretty wrapping paper around the candy. A little packet of cards saying “Thank You!” and a note telling you what is in the box are included. The note simply contains a list of the names of what is in the box. No pictures or descriptions, just names, but it is pretty easy to figure out what everything is.

They give you a LOT of candy and snacks in each box. I was really surprised and happy with how much was in there. Usually we will try each candy to see if we like it and store the rest, but by the time we finish splitting it between Jedite83, myself, and Captain Little Dude there isn’t any candy/snacks left. We did NOT have that issue with the Oishi Fun box. Oh my! This box was FULL of FULL-SIZED candies. We had to take 2 pictures of the box when we opened it, because there was a giant bag of chips hiding the goodies. So many goodies!!!

The Candy

(in alphabetical order)

  • AnPan Man Caramel Corn
    AnPan Man Caramel Corn
    The packaging was cute and of a good size. I was not expecting little puff snacks that were caramel flavored. The caramel was a little too sweet for my taste, but they did get the caramel flavor down. That is one thing I have noticed from trying all these various Japanese candies, they always nail the flavor exactly. The puff was nice and small. Perfectly bite-sized and fluffy. I really was not in the mood for caramel cheese puffs. I thought the snacks were ok, but not something I would ever buy again. Jedite83 liked them a lot. He liked that they weren’t a too big and weren’t too sweet. They were bite-sized. He would totally buy them again… and again… and again…

  • Assorted Bag of Candy
    Assorted Bag of Candy
    Oishi Fun included a cute little party bag full of assorted candies. It had some hard candies I adored. None were overly sweet and had more natural flavors like green tea and fruits. They included some milk candies, but I stayed far away from those. I have never understood the milk flavor fascination. Neither Jedite83 nor I would be disappointed to see these again.

  • Bear Assorted Cracker

    Bear Assorted Cracker
    This was just a sweet, buttery cracker that pretty much everyone in the house enjoyed. You get quite a few in the package and I still wish there had been more. Even Captain Little Dude enjoyed them (hello Toddler safe!). He snacked on these quite happily for a few days. I could see eating these with cheese like Ritz crackers. They were pretty crumbly, so nothing soft where you could break the cracker and get tons of little crumbs into.

  • Carrot Rice Puff

    Carrot Rice Puff
    This was just a carrot shaped bag of little rice puffs. I didn’t detect much flavor to them, but they were slightly sweet and pretty tasty. They may have been carrot flavored, but the flavor was pretty subtle if that’s the case. Captain Little Dude was a HUGE fan of these as well. He could not shovel them in fast enough. I would buy them again, depending on price, just to give him as a light snack.

  • Choco Corn Puff
    Choco Corn Puff
    A rice puff (think cheese puff) dipped in chocolate. I know the Japanese love puffed rice, so do I, but dipping this one in chocolate was not a good idea. The chocolate was bland and slightly bitter. I am usually a fan of bitter chocolate, but this was an off-bitter taste. I would not buy this one again. Jedite83 thought it made a tasty snack and ended up finishing the puff on his own.

  • Chocolate Koala
    Chocolate Koala

    Little biscuits (aka cookies) stamped with pictures of Koalas, filled with creamy chocolate. These were pretty tasty. The box was huge and after looking it over I saw they support the Australian Koala Foundation. We tried these right from the box when the chocolate was nice and melty AND we put them in the fridge for a few hours. I preferred them in straight from the fridge. The chocolate was solid and it tasted like a Kiss in a cookie. I would buy these again. Jedite83 and Captain Little Dude enjoyed them as well. They do contain milk, which the good Captain is allergic too, but he was viscous in his grabbing of the little koala cookies. Resistance was Futile.

  • Fujiya Chocolate Crayons
    Fujiya Chocolate Crayons

    Chocolate molded to look like a crayon and it came with stickers. This is one of those things you buy for the stickers not the chocolate, though they did give a lot of chocolate in this package. The chocolate was sooo sweet and buy the time we made it to these I was sick of candy. They give you a LOT in these boxes. A LOT! It took us a few days to mow through it all.

  • Lumonde Caramel Biscuit
    Lumonde Caramel Biscuit

    I am not a huge caramel fan, but THIS I could get behind. At first glance, it looks like it should be one solid, chewy caramel piece. Nope. It’s a FREAKING COOKIE!!!! It crumbles when you bite into it. It tastes just like a chewy piece of caramel should, but in cookie form. This blew my mind. So tasty! I would buy this again as a special treat, but not on a regular basis. I would get fat.

  • Mario Chocolate Box
    Mario Chocolate Box

    Another candy you buy for the little box and prize, not the chocolate coins they put in there. Each piece of chocolate is individually packaged and has a different image stamped on it. The chocolate is semi-sweet and is pretty creamy. I was surprised they did not melt traveling to Florida all the way from Japan.

  • Milk, Strawberry, and Chocolate Cream Crackers
    Milk, Strawberry, Chocolate Cream Cracker

    Each little pack of crackers had 2 sandwich crackers inside. There were 2 buttery crackers with either Milk, Strawberry or Chocolate cream inside. Think Pocky crackers. There were 2 of these sandwich cookies inside each package. They gave us all 3 flavors. Out of them all I preferred the Strawberry Cream Crackers. The Strawberry Cream was light and fluffy. It tasted lightly of strawberries and was just the perfect sweetness to compliment the buttery, salty crackers. I did not like the Milk Creams and the Chocolate Creams were pretty good. Jedite83 likes the Chocolate Creams over all the others. No one liked the Milk Creams.

  • Orange Milk Chewy Candy
    Orange Milk Chewy Candy

    Think of an orange cream-cicle, but made of toffy… and not lovely sweet cream, but milk. Like whole milk. The orange layer was flavorful, but thin. It was mainly milk. I could not spit this out fast enough. No one in the house, who could have Milk products, thought is was good. I gave it to my Dad and he LOVED them. He took the whole package of individually wrapped candies home with him. I would not buy it again, but he totally would.

  • Raisin Sugar Pie
    Raisin Sugar Pie

    This was no pie. It was a flaky rice pastry with sugar sprinkled on it an raisins thrown on top. Jedite83 thought it tasted like cardboard and the raisins were chewy and gross. To me, the pastry tasted burnt and I could not stomach more than a single bite. Captain Little Dude could not eat it fast enough. I would not buy it again. I would go for actual pie… that did not contain raisins.

  • Spicy Chili Chips
    Spicy Chili Chips

    These were the big bag of chips on the top. I dream of these chips. They tasted like BBQ chips with a little kick. Nothing too hot or crazy. Captain Little Dude even liked them and helped himself to a few. We snacked on this all day long, the three of us. We all would 100% buy these again. They were light and not greasy. You didn’t get lots of chip dust all over your fingers and you didn’t burn your face after eating a couple. I need to find where I can find more of these and soon!

  • Strawberry Chocolate
    Strawberry Chocolate

    I am having a hard time deciding between these and the above chips as my favorite in the box. Strawberry and chocolate, creamy, dreamy little bite-sized chocolates. I would SOOOO buy these again. I would prefer a box of these on Valentine’s Day over regular boxed American chocolate. I thought these were amazing, but Jedite83 wasn’t as thrilled. He thought they were merely ok. He still prefers American Valentine’s chocolates.

  • Traditional Soy Crackers
    Traditional Soy Rice Crackers

    We need to get more of these in the USA. I could snack on these ALL DAY. The two small ones were concave discs about 1.5-2 inches in diameter and are soy flavored. The puffed rice is hard and is great for when you just want to snack. Again, I need more of these. I preferred the larger Soy Cracker over the small ones, because the rice puffs were larger and it wasn’t as hard to bite into. The soy flavor was lighter as well. Not as salty or teryaki flavor-esque as the smaller ones. I would buy all of these again. How do I get more of these?????

We were all pretty happy with this box. It had a lot of candy and snacks and provided a large variety to try. Even if you have a food allergy, you will find something in this box you can have. Kids will enjoy trying the new candy too. Captain Little Dude had a blast grabbing as much as his little hands could hold and shoving them in his mouth. Oh, the sugar rush!

You can get your own Oishi Fun box delivered to your door each month for $25, shipping included!! I would definitely buy a subscription of my own.

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