Candy Japan (March 2015 Shipment)

Ramen Bites
Jedite83: The first bite was nasty, after getig used to it, still not much better. would not buy again.
The Dragon: first bite was nasty, take a few to start to enjoy the flavor. might be a good, late night snack after drinking.

Strawberry Taiyaki
While we both liked it, the strawberry was a bit bland. While We might not buy the strawberry flavor again, we would try the other flavors available.

Let’s Make Mushroom Mountain!
We re excited to receive out first candy kit, but was quickly disappointed. We found the chocolate dosn’t set firm enough to be able to pull the candies out of the mold, and we ended up destroying more then we got out intact. Putting the filled mold in the freezer overnight (something not mentioned in the instructions) helped a bit, but is was still difficult to remove the candies without damaging them. While I like the ‘candy kit’ concept, I would not buy this one again.


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