More Japaneese candy

Recently the wife received a subscription box from Candy Japan. For $25 per month they will sent you 2 shipments a month of candy from The Land of the Rising Sun. Each box contains 1-3 items, depending on packaging size. While I enjoyed the candies there are 2 issues with the subscription that I see: Your first box can take up to a month to arrive, however as thy send to a month, after the first one you will start to receive them regularly, and
I should let you know that we were given the box for free for the sake of a review. The Dragon will be posting her review later in the day.

Sakeru Gummi

Talk about a weird texture! Sakeru (さける) means “to split” or “tear,” and that is exactly what you’re supposed to do with these grape flavored gummis. They taste like a gummy with a mouth-feel that reminds me of Big League Chew.

Matcha Chocolate Balls

Matcha (抹茶) is traditional Japanese green tea. It’s served and used but don’t be put off if you’re not a fan! The matcha frosting inside is very sweet, and the outer chocolate shell, which had a texture that was lighter then I would have expected, has a lot of flavor too.

Pokemon Pretzels

All your favorites are here too! Pikachu…and some others. Alright. I have no idea who there other Pokemon are as Pikachu is my favorite. What I do know is that these crispy pretzel snacks are covered in white chocolate and “candy chips.” They taste like cake and have a texture very similar to Pocky.


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