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Reviews and Lets’ Plays. Jedite83 specializes in Old School games.

Super Game Boy

Source: Gaming Historian

Sealed Copy Of Super Mario Bros. Sells For $30,000

You read that right: A mint-condition sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. from one of its earliest print runs sold at auction for $30,100.44 on eBay yesterday afternoon, and the seller confirmed to Kotaku that the buyer has paid up.

Retro Game Charts: Oct 1990

  1) Golden Axe (Sega) 2) World Soccer (Sega) 3) The Ninja (Sega) 4) California Games (Epyx) 5) Double Dragon (Technos Japan)     1) Golden Axe (Sega) 2) Ghouls’n Ghosts (Capcom/Sega) 3) The Revenge of Shinobi (Sega) 4) Super

Miyamoto On How World 1-1 Was Made

Source: Eurogamer via Laughing Squid

Flappy Bird On A Dreamcast VMU Memory Card

Programmer Dmitry Grinberg has cleverly hacked a Dreamcast VMU to run a Flappy Bird clone, wow! Watch the demo video below and/or read about how he did it.

Zelda-Themed WWII Propaganda Posters

LA graphic artist/web designer Fro, aka Fernando Reza, has created 17 awesome Zelda-themed WWII propaganda posters, see them all on the Fro Design Company website.

Game Boy

Source: Gaming Historian

Retro Game Charts: July 1988

Do you remember what games you were fascinated with on the C64, Atari ST or the Amiga back in July 1988 ? What do you mean you don’t !   1) Steve Davis Snooker (Blue Ribbon) 2) Ghostbusters (Mastertronic) 3)

Nintendo Switch has sold 4.7 million units

Nintendo updated its sales data through June 30, revealing that it has sold more than 4.7 million units of its Nintendo Switch console worldwide. In addition, it has sold 13.6 million units of Nintendo Switch software. Nintendo also updated its

The PlayStation 4 has surpassed an estimated 5 million consoles

The PlayStation 4 has surpassed an estimated 5 million consoles sold in Japan, according to Media Create. That’s as of July 23, and with Dragon Quest XI coming to the PS4 this Saturday, expect those numbers to get a bump.

Dragon Quest Monument Erected In Japan

To mark Dragon Quest’s 30th anniversary, a DQ statue has been erected in Sumoto, Japan. Located on Awaji Island, Sumoto the birthplace of Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii. The statue isn’t a simple DQ depiction. According to The Asahi News,

Retro Game Charts: September 1987

1) Paperboy (Elite)2) Barbarian (Palace Software) 3) 6 Pak (Elite) 4) Exolon (Hewson) 5) Ball Crazy (Mastertronic) 1) BMX Simulator (Codemasterts)2) The Milk Race (Mastertronic) 3) Barbarian (Palace Software) 4) Road Runner (US Gold) 5) Destructo (Bulldog) 1) Last Ninja

Casio Game and Watch Time

With their pedigree in making fine time pieces, it was natural for Casio to jump in on the whole games-on-watches craze in the early 1980s. These games were mainly a left-right (two button) affair, but boy, they were so cool

Photos of new Atari console

Atari has recently released photos of their latest console in development, and it’s a throw-back to the late 70’s. Announced last month that the company is making a return to the market, the new system is a weird morph between

Retro Game Charts: May 1987

1) Park Patrol (Firebird) 2) BMX Simulator (Codemasters) 3) Gunship (Microprose) 4) LA SWAT (Mastertronic) 5) Micro Rhythm (Firebird)   1) Leaderboard (US Gold) 2) Bomb Jack II (Elite) 3) Paperboy (Elite) 4) Olli and Lissa (Firebird) 5) Gauntlet (US Gold)   1) BMX Simulator

Virtual Boy

Source: Gaming Historian