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Category Archives: Computers and the Internet

Weather Forecast in WordPress

As part of my working to put together a portal for my house I wanted to be able to include the current weather. now my favorite weather site, Weather Underground, includes ‘stickers’ which I could use to embed info on

Family Clock

When I first watched the Harry Potter movies I fount the Weasly Family clock fasinating. It told where everyone in the family was all the time. A while back I decided I wanted to design my own. I knew I

Status monitoring my AWS webserver

Somthing I’ve been wanting to do since I first started hosting my own websites on a home server was to implement a uptime monitoring system to alert me if somthing goes down so I can address it in a timley

Setting up an AWS webserver

Recently I decided to change webhosts from a shared webhosting provided to a VPS operated by Amazon Web Hosting. *Getting the domain and DNS ready In preparation for this move I decided to move my domain name from Godaddy to Google domains.