Candy Japan: March 2015


Recently The Dragon and I was sent a subscription box from Candy Japan, and sad to say this one disappointed us a bit.
For just $25 per month, Candy Japan will send you 2 boxes a month, each containing 2-6 items. Now a few months ago we reviewed another Candy Japan shipment, and it was good, However this one ended in an afternoon of disappointment.

Once we opened the box we found a single item (pictured) and opened it to find 6 smaller packages of panda shaped cookies with strawberry frosting. However, somewhere during shipping the frosting had melted so we had 6 strawberry flavored blobs of frosting with bits of cookie in them. After letting them firm up in the refrigerator, we taste tested them and found them to be mediocre at best. Now the fact that they were mediocre was not the bad part (it happens), but that we got 6 of the same mediocre candy. Candy Japan could have sent us 2 or 3 different items and had this box be much better.
However don’t let this one bad box keep you from trying out a Candy Japan subscription box yourself. The others have proven to be good so I am just hoping that this box was a fluke.


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