Oishi Fun March 2015 Box

Unlike the February box, the march Oishi Fun box showed up ahead of scheduled. The first this that we noticed was the box was smaller then the February box. Like the February box it included a thank you card and a list of whats in the box.

Over all this box was decent. Our favorites were the Lemon Crackers, Vegetable Potato Sticks and the soy rice cracker.

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Vegetable Potato Sticks
Small and taste like a french fry, with a light crunchy texture.



Green Tea Pocky
Jedite83: Tastes like licking algae of the side of a fish-tank. One of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted.
The Dragon: I’m not a big fan of most of the matcha things we have gotten. It’s Pocky with green tea. If your a fan i may like it, I will stick with strawberry.


Wasabi Crisps and Peanut Mix
From the crisps you get a second of hot, then it calms down and gives a nice flavor. I could see sitting down to game, pulling up a bear and a bag of these. The peanuts were just peanuts, but were a nice addition.


Lemon Cream Crackers
The cracker was nice and flaky, the cream had a strong lemon flavor. The Butter flavor of the cracker goes well with the lemon. The Dragon and I would buy again.


Sour Grape Gummi
The resealable package for these Sour Grape Gummi was nice, but they didn’t last long enough for it to matter. The Sour Grape Gummi had a strong grape smell. They were not to sour and a nice grape taste, nice and subtle like many other Japanese Candies. They looked like fettachini. We would buy these again.


Breakable Cheesecake KitKats
It tasted like a cheescake in Kit-Kat form. The Dragon thought it was a bit to sweet for fer taste and we, most likely, would not buy this item again.



Marron Blanche (Chestnut) Cake
Jedite83: Looks, smells and tastes like a cheap Tiramisu. Nothing special to be honest. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy this again.
The Dragon: This is what Tiramisu would be like if it was sold in vending machines instead of just overpriced restaurants here in the states. Depending on the price I would buy again.


Star Strawberry Rice Cracker
It tastes like a rice cracker with a little bit of strawberry flavored powder on top. Nothing special here. I have had better rice crackers that I would buy over this any day.

Rice Cracker
The other rice crackers had a distinctive soy sauce taste. They were actually really good and we would totally buy again.


Big Chocolate Crunch Bar
When we got to the Big Chocolate Crunch Bar we discovered it was quite big compared to most candy bars. Sadt it also broke in shipping 🙁
Jedite83: The corn puff center is flavorless and boring. the chocolate tasted cheap. The chocolate was also melting, but that could be because I am in Florida and the weather is heating up. Would have won points with me if it had not been broken on arrival. I don’t see myself buying this in the future.
The Dragon:


Chocolate Choco Chip cookie
There was 1 small cookie in the package. We both agreed that it was nothing special, just a chocolate cookie.


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