Deadpool Review #1: New Mutants #98 – ‘The Beginning of the End Part One’ (Feb. 1991)

The Plot

In his Colorado estate, Gideon prepares for the day with his morning’s exercise. He breaks through some of the best programs Shaw Industries has to offer, then towels off while listening to the day’s schedule. Regarding the da Costa stock inquiry, Gideon makes sure that his operative, Eve, is in place and ready to proceed with their plan. Gideon is assured that all will go well. In the Danger Room, Cannonball infringes upon Cable’s practice session with the excuse that he needs practice too. Cable uses the opportunity to see if Cannonball is able to concentrate enough in a battle situation to limit the noise of his combustion. Surprising Cannonball with an arm blast, Cable learns that Cannonball still needs some work. In fact, everyone does; there just isn’t much of an “everyone” anymore.In Brazil, two days later, Eve delivers Roberto da Costa his coffee. It’s poisoned and he falls over dead.

In the X-Mansion, Rictor has lost his head. He’s upset that Wolfsbane is still in Genosha and that the NewMutants have done nothing about it. He tries to get Boom-Boom to join him in a rescue, but Boom-Boom just shrugs him off and he storms away. Shortly thereafter, Cable gets quite the surprise in the library. It seems there is a bounty on Cable’s head and Domino is there to collect. Deadpool says a man named Tolliver is none-too-pleased with how Cable ended things and so Deadpool is there to eliminate Cable. After some fighting, Cannonball succeeds in sneaking up on Deadpool with his blast. The victory is short lived, however, when Deadpool wraps Cannonball up in a neural net. Fortunately, Boom-Boom, Rictor, and Sunspot enter the library as back up. Deadpool takes out Rictor, but before he can test his mettle against everyone else he is himself taken out. Domino, a mysterious lady, stands behind him, having just place three knives in Deadpool’s back. The New Mutants see the chemistry that Cable and Domino seem to have.

Later, Cable updates Domino on the team. Several key members have left the team, but Cable has some plans in store for new recruits. He also mentions he mailed Deadpool back to Tolliver.That night, Rictor sneaks out of the mansion. He leaves a note for Boom-Boom expressing his desire to help Wolfsbane in Genosha. A bit later, Sunspot is awakened by Gideon. Gideon informs Sunspot of his father’s death by a heart attack. – Marvel Wikia New Mutants Vol 1 98

Deadpool Review

Deadpool’s appearance in this comic is brief. He comes in to Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters and attacks Cable. Doing what he does best, being a Merc for Hire, he was sent to kill Cable to settle an old score Cable has with Tolliver (a bad guy). With the help of a few of the New Mutants and a well-timed appearance by Domino, they are able to take Deadpool down. Cable mailed Deadpool back to Tolliver and the comic moves on. That was Deadpool’s entire introduction. A little brief and anti-climactic, but it gets better. Trust me.

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