Invincible Iron Man 003 (Nov. 2015)


Back in Montreal Iron Man is being attacked by Whitney Frost, A.K.A Madame Masque. She is firing some sort of unknown energy source from her hands at him that is disabling his suit. Emergency protocols went into affect and shot Tony out of the suit before he died. His suit explodes and we flash to the opening monologue…

To catch you up…

“Billionaire playboy and genius industrialist Tony Stark was kidnapped during a routine weapons test. His captors attempted to force him to build a weapon of mass destruction. Instead he created a powered suit of armor that saved his life. From that day on, he used the suit to protect the world as the invincible Avenger Iron Man.

Friday’s Log:

  • Invent shape-changing suit of armor (to “stick it to that kid on the internet”)
  • Go on date with genius biochemical engineer Amara Perera (Follow-up with flowers STILL strongly advised.)
  • Investigate Madame Masque’s theft of several magical items (also survive investigation)
  • Figure out why Victor Von Doom A.K.A. Doctor Doom is suddenly very handsome and wants to help the investigation” – Invincible Iron Man 003 (Nov. 2015)


Back at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in genius biochemical engineer Amara Perera’s lab, Amara walks in to see Tony sitting on her floor. He opens his heart to her and tells her what he went through that night. That he almost died. It is a very touching moment between Amara and Tony. A very human moment. They kiss and it is beautiful, until Friday interrupts saying Doctor Strange finally returned Tony’s call. He leaves Amara, not before testing to see if she is Hydra (she is not), and heads to the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange.

Tony talks things over with his “Awesome Facial Hair Bros” and they discover Madame Masque is opening a black hole in the middle of Marina Del Rey, California that could swallow the city. Tony heads to California and finds the room empty and a tape recorder on the table. It was left by Whitney Frost and plays a message full of crazy. While he is listening to it, some guys sneak up behind him. Guys who do not want Tony to know they exist and will kill him. TO BE CONTINUED…

This just keeps getting better and better. The whole meeting with Amara was lovely and heartfelt and showed a dimension of Tony we haven’t seen before. Then the meeting with Doctor Strange showed us the same old goofy Tony with his “Awesome Facial Hair Bros” comment and getting Doctor Strange the high-five him. Hilarious. I have no clue what Madame Masque is doing, but I suspect whatever she is doing will bode well for Doom and not so well for everyone else. Until next time!

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