Invincible Iron Man 004 (Dec. 2015)


“Billionaire playboy and genius industrialist Tony Stark was kidnapped during a routine weapons test. His captors attempted to force him to build a weapon of mass destruction. Instead he created a powered suit of armor that saved his life. From that day on, he used the suit to protect the world as the invincible Avenger Iron Man.


Recently Completed Agenda Items:

  • Visit Doctor Strange to get a location on Madame Masque (and totally give him a high-five for that great mustache).
  • Follow Madame Masque’s magical trail to Marina Del Rey, California.

In-Progress Agenda Items:

  • Avoid getting killed by Ninjas (???) in Marina Del Rey, California
  • Figure out why Doctor Strange is suddenly very handsome and wants to help investigate Madame Masque’s theft of several magical items.” – Invincible Iron Man 004 (Dec. 2015)

Iron Man gets to fight in a Moonlight Ninja Fight Beach Party… and he totally gets his butt handed to him until he gets a sword of his own and discovers the flaw in the Ninja’s suit of armor. After their defeat the Ninjas committed modern Seppuku and fried themselves and their suits. Iron Man blasts home to do some thinking and is interrupted by Friday, letting him know he has an appointment at St. Judes Hospital.

Tony shows up with a bunch of his suits and gets friendly with a little boy named Max (this comic’s guest star!!). Max gets to try on the suit and Iron Man heads up to the roof for a one-on-one with Doctor Doom.

In Chicago, Mary Jane Watson opened a club (her first was destroyed in New York by super villain/super hero battles) and she is just kicking the party off when Madame Masque shows up and blows up her VIP section. Iron Man and Doctor Doom show up ready to blast Madame Masque away. TO BE CONTINUED…

First, a little about the guest star Max. Max is based off of a real boy named Max Levy who has Hemophilia A and created the Hearts 4 Hemophilia calendar to help other kids. He has raised over $7,000 to support the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Way to go Max!!

Second, why Mary Jane? I couldn’t stand her in the Spider-Gwen comics and I couldn’t stand her in the Spider-Man comics and movies I’ve encountered through the years. Is it wrong to hope she quickly passes through this story? Until next time!

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