Deadpool 001 (Nov. 2015)


Seoul, South Korea a few minutes before midnight. Eight Months after Deadpool was praised as a hero for taking down the terroroist organization known as “Ultimatum”. We see Deadpool breaking into White Fox’s place to steal a flash drive. They fight and White Fox unmasks him to see a handsome guy. Turns out it is James Bourne, A.K.A Solo, dressed as Deadpool. Where is the real Deadpool?

Flash to New York with Foolkiller and Terror killing a man. Terror steals his liver while Foolkiller picks his pocket. He is dead. He won’t need it. We see a few other Deadpools at a bar mitzvah and one smashing someone’s face in with a mallet. Another, Madcap, is being questioned by the police who really suspect it is not the real Deadpool. The real Wade Wilson is saving a man from being executed by the Freedlands of Arizona after his family failed to pay their ransom. He reveals the family could not afford the ransom or his services, so he worked for free. Wow.

Why all the Deadpools? Welcome to Heroes for Hire. An agency where anyone can hire Deadpool, or someone dressed as Deadpool, to do whatever they need done. Deadpool is funding the Unity Squad, The Uncanny Avengers, with Merchendise sales and Heroes for Hire. Luke Cage (I think?) was watching and called our favorite blind lawyer for the Punisher’s number for Deadpool using his team’s name.

Flash to Mrs. Deadpool, Shiklah, in bed with Werewolf By Night and some other succubus watching Deadpool on TV. It seems Deadpool is having issues with the new Avengers headquarters in the guise of the Manhattan Zoning Commission. Shiklah said the man she gave her heart to would have killed the bureaucrat responsible for causing him troubles.

We learn Deadpool was brainwashed into burning his parents alive and has no memory of it. The man that made him do it regrets every second of it. Deadpool is protective over his adoptive family and refuses to talk about them in order to keep them safe. He vowed to find his parents’ killer and bring him to justice. Poor Wade.

Next we see Deadpool at the Zoning Commissioner’s office. The commissioner thinks he is offering a bribe. Deadpool kills him instead. TO BE CONTINUED…

That was a little dizzying to read. Especially since I have no idea who half these people are and what happened eight months prior. What a time to stop reading Deadpool only to pick up the new issue! Hopefully, it will all get clearer as the comic goes on. I am just glad Deadpool is back. Now if you will excuse me. I have some Wikipedia to read in order to get caught up. Until next time!

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