Invincible Iron Man 002 (Oct. 2015)


Castle Doom, Latveria

Iron Man in disbelief, is standing in front of Victor Von Doom sans armor. Even Friday says it is really Von Doom standing in front of them. His face is perfect and scar-free. He also wields some crazy magic power that is able to repel Iron Man’s beam. Say what?!

To catch you up…

“Billionaire playboy and genius industrialist Tony Stark was kidnapped during a routine weapons test. His captors attempted to force him to build a weapon of mass destruction. Instead he created a powered suit of armor that saved his life. From that day on, he used the suit to protect the world as the invincible Avenger Iron Man.

Friday’s Log:

  • Invent Shape-changing suit of armor (to “stick it to that kid on the internet”)
  • Go on date with genius biochemical engineer Amara Perera (follow-up with flowers strongly advised) **Oh, and she invented a cure for the mutant gene.**
  • Investigate criminal activities of Madame Masque.
  • Figure out why Victor Von Doom A.K.A Doctor Doom is suddenly very handsome and wants to chat.” – Invincible Iron Man 002 (Oct. 2015)


It appears Von Doom is after Whitney Frost, A.K.A. Madame Masque, as well. Apparently, Madame Masque is on a treasure hunt to find objects of power from around the world that have fallen into this world from other dimensions. She was searching for Doom’s Wand of Watoomb (much like Doctor Strange’s Wand of Watoomb, but this one belongs to Doom. There are 5 across the various dimensions). Doom gives Iron Man the wand and advises him to triangulate Madame Masque’s location by her energy trails. They are interrupted by rebels and Doom snaps his fingers and transports Iron Man to the zoo.

Iron Man eventually finds Madame Masque in Montreal, Canada (where all the great super heroes come from. Shout out to our readers from Canada!). He confronts her about Doom (and the 2 people she murdered and have lieing in her hotel room) and she has no clue about Doom. Tony’s talking fails and Madame Masque attacks him with some sort of energy field and a power-word, Die. TO BE CONTINUED…

Talk about cliff-hanger. We never did find out why Whitney is stealing the items of power or why Doom wants Iron Man’s help. We DO know Doom was telling the truth. I know. My fingers had issues typing that. I love the new comic so far. They brought back one of my favorite crazies (Madame Masque) and gave her super powers. Oh snap! This just got real. Will Tony fight her or will he try to get her the mental help she desperately needs? Until next time!

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