v, another Tony Stark innovation.

“Billionaire playboy and genius industrialist Tony Stark was kidnapped during a routine weapons test. His captors attempted to force him to build a weapon of mass destruction. Instead he created a powered suit of armor that saved his life. From that day on, he used the suit to protect the world as the invincible Avenger Iron Man.” Invincible Iron Man 001 (Oct. 2015)


The All-New, All-Different Invincible Iron Man opens in Beijing with a former A.I.M employee selling out secrets to Whitney Frost, aka Madam Masque. The deal doesn’t go his way as Madam Masque gets away with the tech and blows his brains out. She makes her escape and we switch to Tony Stark in his lab.

Tony is building a new Iron Man suit since some MIT kid reverse engineered his old suit and posted the specs online. We learn Tony’s parents weren’t really his parents at all (What?!) and that he has been working on a suit that will make all his others obsolete. He finishes the suit as he runs his inner monologue and Friday reminds him he can’t joyride in the new suit until the batteries fully charge. Tony rushes off to get ready for his date with Dr. Amara Perera, a Biophysicist from Sri Lanka. The same Biophysicist who accidentally invented a cure for the mutant gene.

We catch a brief glimpse of Madam Masque robbing Stark Tower in Osaka, Japan, setting off Friday’s security protocols. Tony has to cut his date short and heads to his lab to grab the new suit. Friday also gets a report she just broke into Castle Doom in Latveria, recently abandoned when Doom lost control of the country. He is surrounded by some of the local resistance group and before he can say anything they are all hit by a sonic attack. Iron Man’s new suit protected him from any ill effects. Who was the man with his finger on the trigger? Non other than Dr. Victor Von Doom himself. TO BE CONTINUED…

Let me begin with I love the art style. It looks modern and is very crisp. The details in Tony’s face while he is in the Iron Man suit is great. I wonder how Robert Downey Jr. feels about being in comic book form? It does look like Marvel Comics are finally making the Marvel Movie Universe match up with the new comics. Iron Man starts with the same storyline as the Iron Man movies. The only thing missing is Pepper Potts. We even have Friday, instead of Jarvis, as Tony’s AI.

I was not surprised to see Madam Masque make an appearance as she is an Iron Man villain. I was intrigued to see they brought Doom into the first Iron Man comic. I had thought after his defeat in Battleworld, he would be off licking his wounds somewhere. Perhaps he is hoping Iron Man will help him regain control of Latveria?

Questions after reading the first Invincible Iron Man: Where is Pepper Potts, What tech components are Madam masque stealing and is she doing it in someone else’s employ, What does Doom want of Iron Man, and Will Dr. Perera’s Mutant Gene Cure spark enough of an outcry to cross into the new X-Men comics??? So many questions! Stay tuned for answers in the next Invincible Iron Man!

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