Star Lord and Kitty Pryde 001 Jul. 2015


We open this one with Star Lord, posing as Swingin’ Stevie Rogers, singing at a night club in Manhattan. In this world they do not have Disney, so he sings Disney songs and they think he is a musical genius. Peter saw the world end and was saved by a sort of life ship made by Reed Richards. Unfortunately, Kitty Pryde, his fiance, is dead. The Kitty Pryde from this world works for Valeria Von Doom and some sort of society that investigates anomalies… things not found in their database.

Peter changed his name and is hiding from Doom’s underlings who are looking for him. He knows the truth of what happened and actually watched the end of the Multiverse. In this universe Drax has hair, makes jokes, and recalls a Steve Rogers from a couple of domains over that carried a shield. (tee hee)

We meet Kitty Pryde as she walks into the club and meets Gambit the Collector. He has hair, an anomaly, that Kitty is trying to buy in exchange for some blades carved from Longshot’s bones. He steals the bones and the anomaly when Star Lord sees this verse’s version of his lost love and cant control himself. He goes to her and kisses her. She smacks him and collects some of his blood on her machine that detects anomalies. Apparently, he is an anomaly. She handcuffs him and takes him away. TO BE CONTINUED..

First, when did Kitty Pryde get adamantium claws like Wolverine?!

Second, the Disney songs are a bit much. Come on. We know Disney owns Marvel. Don’t shove it in our faces. Sheesh. I don’t have much to say about this one. It was weird and clearly drawn by Disney animators. Until next time.

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