Star Lord and Kitty Pryde 002 Aug. 2015 Review


“The Multiverse was destroyed. All that remains is Battleworld! A massive, patchwork planet composed of the fragments of worlds that no longer exist. Maintained by the iron will of its God and Master, Victor Von Doom!

Peter Quill survived the incursion and remembers everything. Mostly he remembers Kitty Pryde, his fiance who died with his former universe. While singing as bandleader of the Quiet Room, Peter saw a version of Kitty from another domain with a sketchy collector named Gambit. But when Peter intervened thinking he was saving Kitty from a creep, he came to a rude awakening. This Kitty Pryde works for Valeria Von Doom’s Foundation hunting down anomalies that call Doom’s Godhood into question. Gambit escaped with the anomaly Kitty was trying to buy, but not before Peter revealed himself to be exactly what Kitty was looking for… A living anomaly. Proof that Battleworld isn’t all there used to be.” Star Lord and Kitty Pryde 002

This domain is called the Manhattan domain. We open issue #2 with Kitty and Peter in Pizza My <3 facing the New Mutoids. Kitty and Peter fight them off and destroy all the Mutoid Robots, saving one with a human center for last. That human center is this domain's version of Cypher. Kitty questions Cypher with the promise he can fo free if he tells the truth, but once he recognizes who she is, Kitty kills him with her adamantium claws. Harsh. Cyphers robot suit self-destructs and the shockwave knocked Kitty out. While Kitty was in "LaLa Land", Peter picked the lock on the handcuffs and set himself free. He explains who he is and why he kissed her. He also reveals this Kitty is nothing like his Kitty, save for the appearance. After talking it out, Peter and Kitty agree to work together to steal the anomaly from Gambit. They break in and end up being fooled by an alternate version of Kitty. Gambit shows up and reveals it was a trap all along to add Kitty Pryde to his collection. TO BE CONTINUED... So, Kitty still has her phasing powers, but also has claws. She is also a little more brutal than the Kitty Pryde I read in the X-Men comics. I am liking the edgier Kitty. I think she will make a great partner for Peter Quill. I have no doubt they will escape Gambit in the next issue, or at least reveal some major plot. This one is WORLDS better than the last issue which looked like Disney threw up all over it. Better Marvel. Much better. Until next time!

The Dragon


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