Star Lord and Kitty Pryde 003 Sep. 2015 Review


“Peter Quill survived the incursion and remembers everything. Mostly he remembers Kitty Pryde, his fiance, who died with his former universe. When he saw an alternate universe version of Kitty in trouble, he couldn’t help but intervene. Unfortunately, this Kitty Pryde is very different from Peter’s fiance. She works for Valeria Von Doom’s foundation, hunting down anomalies that hint at a world outside of God Doom’s creation. Gambit the Collector escaped with the anomaly Kitty was trying to buy, but not before Peter revealed himself to be exactly what Kitty’s been looking for – a living anomaly! Peter and Kitty tracked down Gambit to the Dommenheim Museum, only to find that he has laid a trap for them, and now plans to add Kitty to his personal collection of rare items!” – Star Lord and Kitty Pryde 003 (Sep. 2015)

We join Kitty and Peter inside the museum, captured by Gambit. He has a little machine that is a Kitty Pryde from another universe holding Peter and Kitty prisoner. Peter sings to her his Kitty’s favorite song and she lets them go. Gambit fights back with Longshot’s blades he stole earlier, but is stopped by Doom intervention, aka the joking Drax from this universe disguised as a Doom statue. Gambit gets dropped off near some happy “Doom Sux” graffiti and Drax called the Thors Corps to round him up. Meanwhile, Kitty opens the bag to take a look at the anomaly she was trying to buy… Rocket’s tail!

Kitty lets Peter keep the last remaining thing left from the destruction of his universe, and of his buddy Rocket, out of pity, then she kisses him. He apparently won her over with his singing at the museum. Kitty leaves and Drax and Peter, now jobless, decide what to do now. Peter plans on cloning an army of Rockets with the tail. The fun loving Drax is happy to go along for the ride. THE END.

I am a little wary on the THE END portion of this comic. They did not leave many holes for future comics and it seemed pretty final. Rumor has it we will see Star Lord and Kitty Pryde back in a volume 2, but I can’t find confirmation from Marvel about that. I will keep you all posted. Until next time!


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