A-Force 003 Aug. 2015 Review


“The Multiverse was destroyed! Now, all that remains is Battleworld! A massive, patchwork planet composed of the fragments of worlds that no longer exist, maintained by the iron will of its God and Master, Victor Von Doom! Each region is a domain unto itself, and the borders are not to be crossed!” – A-Force #3

In the last comics She-Hulk investigated a monster attack that resulted in Doom exiling America Chavez to the Shield wall (see Siege 001) and led the team to a portal which collapsed. Nico Minoru found a girl who fell from the sky and was made of stars. When she brought her to meet the A-Force another portal, which she got blamed for, opened up and a Sentinel came through and attacked Arcadia. She-Hulk stepped through the portal before it closed and found herself in an apocalyptic Manhattan.

She-Hulk was immediately attacked by Sentinels. She tore them to pieces and just as she was admiring her victory, the Thors Corps showed up. They tried to arrest her for crossing the border into another domain (the same offense that got America exiled). She-Hulk fought them off and ran through the portal before it closed. During her travel she noticed the portal originated IN ARCADIA!

When she landed the Thors Corps were right behind her, including a Thors She-Hulk. Medusa used her hair to fling the A-Force away from danger and got zapped for her troubles. She-Hulk, now mad, goes into hiding and begins her search for the traitor. They return to A-Force headquarters and sound the alarm that Arcadia is no longer safe. We see Storm and Black Panther in the panels coming to their aid, as well as Thors Corps She-Hulk smashing down to hunt She-Hulk.

Storm created a fog to hide the A-Force and make it harder for the Thors Corps to track them. The pretty girl made of stars, in an effort to help those who treated her so nicely, wielded her magic and said a single word. “Hide.” TO BE CONTINUED…

Ok, this is getting good. I think with the progress from A-Force and Guardians of Knowhere, this whole Doom story is going to blow wide open. It is a little freaky that the next issue preview is a single panel that shows the A-Force’s corpses laying at the feet of a throne that sits a shadow figure. Wow. I really want to read the next issue. I am really enjoying the storyline here. I just wish they didn’t add the Thors Corps She-Hulk. It makes things a little confusing at times. Until next time!

The Dragon


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