A-Force 005 (Oct. 2015)


To catch you up…

“It is Arcadia’s darkest hour. Enraged after her failed coup, Loki blasted a hole in the shield, the wall that protected Arcadia from the zombies of the Deadlands. Now, the members of A-Force are all that stand between paradise and total destruction…” – A-Force 005 (Oct. 2015)


Loki blew a hole in the Shield Wall and now the dead are coming through. The Thor Gamora and her team are joining forces with the ones they were just hunting, the A-Force, in order to save them all. This is going to be epic.

We get to see an all-star smack down with White Fox, She-Hulk, Electra, the Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Hulkling, and even Spider-Gwen kicking zombie butt, and Venom’s (cause Venom lives in the Deadlands?). Our heroines were getting overrun when Singularity, who revealed her name to Nico after saving her, sucked up all the zombies in a vortex and said “Goodbye” to everyone. She gave her life to save them all.

Thor Gamora took Loki with her to the Shield Wall to fight and let She-Hulk off with a sort of warning, saying her losses suffered from Loki’s actions are her punishment. The A-Force rebuilds Arcadia and pledge to use the lessons taught them by Singularity in the short time they were together to make it, and themselves, better. On the final page we see Singularity among the stars. THE END.

A-Force will restart with the All-New, All-Different series in December. Based on the cover art at the back of the comic, it looks like Singularity will be back! I am really happy about that. Until December!

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