A-Force 004 Sep. 2015 Review


To catch you up…

“She-Hulk rallied A-Force, protectors of Arcadia, to investigate the monster attack that caused Doom to exile America Chavez. The team traced the disturbance to a portal, which quickly collapsed. She-Hulk used a second portal to travel to another domain and investigate the cause, but by crossing Doom’s borders and breaking the law she brought the wrath of the Thors down upon Arcadia. In the ensuing battle, Medusa gave her life to buy A-Force time to find the traitor who opened the portals. With Thors raining down from the sky to place Arcadia infer martial law, the members of A-Force had no choice but to escape into the starry pocket universe contained inside Nico’s mysterious new friend…” A-Force 004 (Sep. 2015)


A-Force is reeling over the death of Medusa and are trying to cope with everything that has happened. They learn what lessons they have taught Singularity (Nico’s mysterious friend, though she has not been named yet), how to smile, fight, feel, give, and forgive. Words the grieving She-Hulk desperately needs to hear. They also figure out who the traitor is… Loki! Loki, sitting in the Palace of Arcadia, is hoping to become Queen of Arcadia. As she is monologueing about her hopes and how Medusa’s death is really She-Hulk’s fault, she gets ambushed by the A-Force. A battle ensues and Loki loses, but not before destroying the shield that protects them and letting in the undead hordes. She-Hulk and the gang don’t hesitate and assemble to save Arcadia. TO BE CONTINUED…

The cover of this issue is disturbing, and I love it! Loki sitting on a throne with the bodies of the A-Force team piled in front of her. I was wrong that She-Hulk was fighting a Thor She-Hulk in my last A-Force review. She was fighting Thor Gamora. Well, I know this much, the next issue is going to have one heck of a battle between the massive undead hordes and the A-Force. I am not very surprised the bad guy for A-Force is Loki. I was hoping for a little originality, but they worked with what they had. Loki makes sense out of all the cast members of A-Force. I really liked it that even Thor Gamora helped the A-Force stop Loki. Even she hates a traitor. I am looking forward to the next issue. Out of all the Secret Wars comics I have read so far, I am really liking A-Force. Girl power all the way! Even Dazzler isn’t looking that lame. Until next time!

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