Siege 003 Sep. 2015 Review


To catch you up…

“Doom’s divine law dictates that rebels American Chavez and Lady Kate Bishop are conscripted into Shield Commander Abigail Brand’s army. The Southern Lands’ lawlessness dictates that those who venture there are lost, or doomed to come back wrong. Brand’s second-in-command, Leah of Hel, disappeared in search of her lover Magik. Brand’s mentor, Nick Fury, returned as a monster leading the forces of Ultron’s Perfection. The prognosis is bad. The prognosis is always bad. Welcome to the Shield.” Siege 003 (Sep. 2015)


The battle is going badly for Abigail and her team. They’ve lost all of their clones except for half of the Summers clones. Abigail’s only option was to try and talk to the Robots, two Ultron robots that surrendered. The Robots surrendered so long ago, because they were in love and wanted to be happy. Being imprisoned was heaven to them. They agreed to help Abigail by controlling the Nick Fury robot. They give their lives and Kang drags Nick the Fury into the unstable time stream. The jump through time kills him. The Ultrons are destroying everything in their path. There is no way America Chavez and Lady Kate can hold much longer. They will soon be overrun, when over the hill from the Deadlands came Leah of Hel and Magik with an army of the undead. They saved the day!

We find out they were not killed or lost. They eloped! They used their powers and controlled the Undead hordes. Not all of them, but enough to secure a small chunk of the Deadlands for themselves. The only place Doom does not rule and they can truly be free. Kang returns victorious! Just in time for Thanos to walk up to the Shield and ask to talk. Time before the fall of the Shield: 1 Day and Counting. There is no hope.

I love that Leah and Magik show up riding a giant Colossus. Their addition to the story with their romance was so lovely. “Better to Rule in Hel.” Just perfect. I wonder what Thanos is up to? Some of the other Secret Wars comics have mentioned Thanos (check out Guardians of Knowhere) and how he somehow proves Doom is no God. I wonder if this is part of Thanos’ plan? Until next time!

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