A-Force 002 Jul. 2015 Review


To catch you up…

“After failing to save America Chavez from Doom’s Justice, She-Hulk rallied A-Force, Protectors of Arcadia, to investigate the strange monster attack that led to America’s exile. Meanwhile, Nico Minoru, reeling from the loss of her foster sister, discovered a strange being who fell from the sky…” – A-Force #002 (Jul. 2015)

She-Hulk and Co. are waiting for the Sub-Mariners when a portal opens up under water. The Sub-Mariners were able to escape, but the portal collapsed. Meanwhile at the House of Loki, Nico Minoru, and America Chavez, Nico is showing her new friend who fell from the sky around the house. Loki comes in and sees the “Sky Girl” and insists Baroness She-Hulk meet the “Sky Girl”.

She-Hulk, Dazzler, Captain Marvel, and Medusa meet the “Sky Girl” to determine her “true nature” and, during the inspection, a Sentinel falls from the sky and starts attacking. After the battle, Medusa claims the portals are the “Sky Girl’s” fault and that they needed to get rid of her like they did America. As they are arguing and She-Hulk says they won’t turn the girl in without proof, a portal opens up and sucks She-Hulk in. “Sky Girl” had time to give She-Hulk her purple ribbon. She-Hulk sees an apocalyptic wasteland before her. TO BE CONTINUED…

I really want to see where they are going with this. I loved the idea of an all-female Avengers and the storyline so far is intriguing. I am not so impressed with the selection of who is in the A-Force, but I will keep reading to see what the writers have in store for She-Hulk and the rest of the A-Force. Until next time!

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