Guardians of Knowhere 002 Aug. 2015 Review


Today, we are continuing our Women of Marvel series with Guardians of Knowhere 002 (Aug. 2015). Guardians of Knowhere is the Battleworld version of the Guardians of the Galaxy sans Star Lord. (He got his own comic.)

“Knowhere is the satellite moon of Doom’s Battleworld. Legend says that Doom defeated a giant Celestial Guardian and saved the world from total destruction. All that remains is the floating head. ” – Guardians of Knowhere 002

In the last comic, Gamora was being hunted by the Angela Doomdottir from the Thors Corps (Doom’s Police Force) for crossing borders without permission. (An offense that usually ends up getting you sent to the Wall. See A-Force and Siege for more information.) Thanks to Drax the Destroyer and Rocket Raccoon, Gamora escaped and hid away with Mantis. While they were hanging out in Mantis’ little paradise they were attacked by some big, ugly guy called Yotat. All we know of Yotat is he is claiming ownership of Knowhere and wants Drax dead….


We flash back to a year ago on the outskirts of Knowhere. We see a handsome blonde guy, we find out is Yotat, and some green guy called Giogo. Giogo wants to take over Knowhere and Yotat wants to join him, so he leads him to a treasure trove… The Collector’s gun collection! Well, one of them. Some guy Yotat ran into said he killed the Collector and had his stash. Yotat stole it from them and brought Giogo there to give him the guns hoping it will get him into Giogo’s gang. Giogo thanks him by shooting Yotat and destroying the weapons stash. We see Yotat, badly burned and transformed by the weapons and fire, crawling out from the wreckage.

A few months later… Rocket is in a bar telling a story when he gets interrupted by Yotat coming in for revenge. He spots Giogo and blasts him and his gang to peices. He offers Rocket a job saying he is going to take over Knowhere, having destroyed Knowhere’s Underworld in one shot. Rocket refuses the job and blasts Yotat instead. Yotat does not go down as expected and attacks Rocket. Drax gets there first and levels the guy. He was pretty upset Yotat got up. The Nova Corps stepped in before Drax could finish him. The Nova Corps arrest Yotat and Drax and Rocket slip away unnoticed.

Back to the present at Mantis’ apartment on the edge of the Knowhere Marketplace Yotat confronts Drax and Rocket again. Yotat goes to attack, but this time Gamora steps in and stops his giant ax mid-swing. Yotat smacks her aside. The Guardians jump to battle with Mantis joining in. Yotat killed Mantis and declares himself to BE Knowhere. TO BE CONTINUED…

Well, my question on who this Yotat guy is got answered. I still have more questions about Gamora and what she was babbling about in the first comic (Guardians of Knowhere 001). I have a few questions still. Where is Groot? Was that Venom in the Nova Corps? Will we ever find out where Gamora went and why she came back with the theory that there is no Doom? So many questions!! Until next time!

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