Siege 002 Aug. 2015 Review


We open at the Shield with Leah and Abigail arguing about Leah leving for the Hel-Rangers in the Deadlands. She wants to find Thanos and stop the prophecy from coming true. Leah is going to try and find Illiana Rasputin (her lover) to add a little extra muscle (she calls her Magik).
Then we get to the usual opening…

The Multiverse was destroyed. Now, all that remains is BATTLEWORLD! The more civilized domains to the North are protected from violent, ungovernable territories to the South by a planet-spanning wall known as the Shield. Abigail Brand is commander of the Shield, a position she acquired after Nick Fury disappeared over the wall. Her second, Leah of Hel, is soon to go over the wall in search of her love, Magik. Her new second, Kang the Conqueror, is on somewhat shaky ground after a time-displaced version of himself appeared, claimed the Shield would fall in 20 days, and died. Welcome to the Shield.

We begin 15 days later and only 5 days until the Shield will fail. Kang goads her by telling her they lost contact with the Hel-Rangers and that he would not be overwhelmed in a few days. Which means they lost contact with Leah. Abigail takes the bait and tried to shoot Kang, but Summers stops her and reveals that Abigail has lost much. Including her love, Hank McCoy. They enemy sent a blue, furry abomination to attack the wall and Abigail had to destroy it, destroy Hank, her love. Harsh.

Thing brings some intel about some “Titan” trying to find a “glove” (read Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet). Unsure of what to do next, Abigail turns to two “traitor” Ultron robots for guidance. They hook up with their net of intel and determine a massive force is marching on the Shield. As soon as the Ultron sent the request for information, the attack began. We see there are also Kitty Pride clones (actual cats by the way, but giant) as well as the Scott Summers clones. America comforts a very frightened Lady Katherine and we see a massive force marching to the wall with a figure leading the charge. It is an abomination Nick Fury. 2 more days until the fall of the Shield. There is no hope. TO BE CONTINUED…

First, I LOVED the relationship between Leah and Magik. OMG!!! Of course, they are doomed. All love in comics is, but way to go Marvel for bringing a Lesbian relationship into the storyline. Way to recognize love is love!!

Second, the opening blurb is by far one of the better written ones of all the Battleworld/Secret Wars comics I review. I love the last bit, “Welcome to the Shield.” Ha!

Third, OMG the suspense!! I know the attack coming quickly is a great way to get to the action, but I would like a little more information. It feels like they are cramming as much information down our throats as they can. I sort of wish they would take their time. Let us know what happened in those 15 days we lost. Or maybe a little more backstory for those who are just now picking up the new Battleworld series.

I have a strong suspicion they are going to reboot the universe again with Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. That is my initial theory having read a few of the Battleworld comics. Not all of them, mind you, but a lot. I am waiting until they merge all the comics into one coherent story. Until next time!

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