Silk 003 Apr. 2015 Review


Cindy Moon was bitten by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker, giving her the same powers. After fighting side-by-side with other Spider-things against the Inheritors and saving the world, Silk is back in New York trying to save it from the criminal underworld. Her first day back she has an encounter with Dragon claw, a high-tech, low IQ thief working for Black Cat. Cindy works as an intern now for The Fact Channel in the hopes of finding her family she lost when she entered the bunker all those years ago. Now we return you to our battle already in progress…


After a pretty epic battle with some funny one-liners we meet the real Dragonclaw, Harris Porter. He tells Silk he works for Black Cat and that it is all to pay for his little girl since his wife left them. She gives him a heads up on an organization that can help him so he does not have to work for Black Cat again. (Pretty awesome, Silk.)

Much like how Peter Parker made money on his Spider-Man photographs, Silk is using security camera footage of her fights to make money off of Silk. As she is texting her boss, Black Cat finds her. Black Cat beats her down and tells her to retire, then returns to her lair to review the footage of Silk’s fight. She is using what she learned to upgrade her minions so they can beat her. (This just got real.)

When Cindy comes to she sees Spider-Man caring for her. He knows her powers are off and tells her as much. She tells him to scram and he informs her he brought back-up, the Fantastic Four! TO BE CONTINUED…

The teaser at the end of the comic suggested Silk dates the Human Torch. I am so excited! I can’t wait to see how this pans out! I love crossovers! Again, no mention of Secret Wars or anything. I really wish they would have her mention it in her own comic. She is quickly becoming one of my favorites!

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