Silk 006 Aug. 2015 Review


Cindy Moon was bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker and gained the same Spider-Powers. She has been working at the Fact Channel while she secretly searches for her long lost family, all while battling Black Cat. Black Cat hired a super tech guy to outfit all her goons with super suits. Silk ran to save the life of a child, knowing it was a trap, but discovered the group behind the attack was not Black Cat, but the group that may have her family!


Silk woke up tied to a surgical table, unable to move her fingers and use her webbing. The same guy that made Black Cat’s goon’s suits betrayed her and took Silk instead so he could see how she worked. The Repairman was just about to cut into Silk when Silk is rescued by… Black Cat?! Black Cat was NOT happy about being betrayed, or blown up, and she took her displeasure out on the one who betrayed her. She turned her attention on Silk after she killed the Repairman. Silk was more than a bit upset about Black Cat killing the only person who could tell her where her family was and who was holding them, so they fought. Black Cat got away, again, but offered Silk a job before cutting tail and limping away. Spider-Man, with terrible timing, showed up and gave her a pep talk. Silk, back at home, found the camera “They” were using to watch her and ripped it out of the wall. She just convinced herself to call a shrink and get some help with her issues when an explosion happened behind her. She hasn’t turned around yet… TO BE CONTINUED…

It feels like it has been forever since I read a Silk comic. I am glad they put those summaries at the beginning of each comic or else I would have no idea where we were at in the storyline. I am usually pretty good at remembering what happened, but the Silk comics are few and far between. Shame, because this is a pretty good comic. I hope they don’t just end it with number 007. I want to see where they go with Cindy Moon’s story. Until next time!

The Dragon


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