Silk 007 Sep. 2015 Review


Last issue Silk was captured by the Repairman and was about to be tortured to death and sold on the black market until Black Cat showed up and killed Repairman for betraying her and blowing her up. Silk lost the one chance to find her family. Just as she decided to call her therapist and talk things out a massive explosion happened behind her.


So, that explosion was another universe appearing above her own. Each universe decided to go to war with one another and many innocent people were caught in the crossfire. Silk saved as many as she could while trying to make her way to where, she hoped, her brother was living. This lovely bit of information provided by JJ Jameson, all around softy. She was a few blocks away when she heard screams from a bus of people under attack and stopped to save them (only one example of the many people she tried to save on the way), but was too drained from all her previous rescues and the bus fell on top of her. She saved the people, but got smashed. Thankfully, an old friend, Pokemon Dude (tee hee), stopped to help her. She thanked him, told him to go spend time with his daughter, and took off again. She reached the halfway house and finally saw her brother Albert. Then the world exploded. THE END.

Thus ends Silk volume one. Marvel has plans to continue her series with volume two. I really wish she could have found her family before her universe ended, but they have to bring her into Battleworld somehow. At least, I hope they do. I haven’t seen her in any of the current Battleworld comics, though they are coming out with lots of new ones on a pretty regular basis. Until next time, hopefully!

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