Silk 002 (Dec. 2015)


“Cindy Moon was bitten by a radioactive spider, as a result, she developed adhesive fingertips and toes, the proportional strength of a spider, superhuman speed and agility, and a special organic webbing spun directly from her fingertips. After being locked away in a bunker for ten years, Cindy was set free and became the crime-fighting super hero Silk.

“Cindy Moon has been looking for her family for close to a year, and, after finding her brother, Albert, she’s got a lead. Recently, he was arrested for his involvement in a gang called Goblin Nation, but he doesn’t remember anything about them and is having a difficult time recovering. Silk is no stranger to the Goblin Nation, as she’s been working undercover for their biggest rival – Black Cat – for months. Now, she finally has a reason to track them down.” – Silk 002 (Dec. 2015)


The Black Cat has been stealing technology from all over town and Silk has no idea why. After beating up some Hydra goons and delivering the goods to Black Cat, Silk heads to her day job only to find a package on her desk. The envelope on the outside is addressed to Cindy Moon. The envelope on the inside is addressed to Silk. Someone knows her identity. They sent her a tip about Goblin Nation’s location. She discovers the Goblin Nation has a bunch of kids, including one of Black Cat’s former minions, mutated into little goblins and all locked in a barracks in the sewers. Silk is about to be overwhelmed when a masked man (no kidding) shows up and zaps everyone. When one of the kids pulls the alarm, Mystery Dude vanishes. Literally.

Silk manages to escape and is only a little late to Black Cat’s heist. Which goes over swell. She doesn’t get a chance to flag or disable the tech that was stolen before Black Cat got it and another news station (not the one she works for) got one of their choppers out there to film Silk and Black Cat making their escapes. Back at her job she gets an earful from JJJ and has a surprise visitor waiting for her at her desk… Peter Parker. He has one big question for her, “Has Silk gone bad?” TO BE CONTINUED…

Oh, I love where this is going! Silk is working undercover as a bad guy and now Peter is all concerned about whether it is real or not. Mockingbird and S.H.I.E.L.D. know the truth since that is who Silk is working for, but poor Peter is out of the loop. The recent Marvel comics are getting exciting. Until next time!

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