Silk 005 Jun. 2015 Review


When we last left Silk she had an encounter with The Black Cat, a deadly Spider-Man villan. To beat Silk, The Black Cat enlisted the help of “The Repairman” to make some mecha-goons that will take Silk down. Meanwhile, Cindy works for J. Jonah Jameson (Peter Parker’s old boss) at the Fact Channel in order to secretly search for her missing family.


We open with a glimpse at a kidnapping by The Black Cat, then we get a flash back to Cindy’s life before she entered the bunker and we get a look at her brother terrified of her. Cindy uses some down time at work to continue her search. To her surprise she gets caught by her boss who she spills pretty much everything to (about her missing family, not that she was bitten by a radioactive spider and is now Silk). J. Jonah Jameson offers to help her find her missing family and suggests some of his old NYPD contacts from when he was Mayor. JJJ gets pulled away and Cindy overhears that Harris Porter (aka Pokemon dude) came home to find his babysitter knocked out and his little girl missing.

Cindy, now Silk, rushes off to find poor Harris. She finds him and he blames her for his daughter’s kidnapping. Black Cat left a note saying she wanted Silk. She teams up with Harris and even calls Spider-Man in for back up. They storm in and get the little girl, who flees to the hospital with Spider-Man and her injured dad, leaving Silk to fight Black Cat and her mecha-minions. Before Spider-Man can come back to help her, Silk gets blasted by some weird anti-spidey sense ray and goes down. Luckily, one of Black Cat’s men turns on her and Silk wakes up strapped to a surgery bed unable to move. “The Repairman” has her and he says he does not work for Black Cat, but for the people who have her family. TO BE CONTINUED…

OOOOOOO…… Are we going to find out what happened to Silk’s family next issue? Do you think Spider-Man, or perhaps Silk’s new BFF Human Torch, will arrive in time to save her? Another great comic with a strong female lead. She knows when to call for back-up and she knows when to go it alone. She is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Love the Super Cameos! I wonder who is next?

The Dragon


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