Silk 004 May 2015 Review


Cindy Moon was bitten by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker, giving her the same powers. After fighting side-by-side with other Spider-things against the Inheritors and saving the world, Silk is back in New York trying to save it from the criminal underworld. Cindy works as an intern now for The Fact Channel, and for J. Jonah Jameson, in the hopes of finding her family she lost when she entered the bunker all those years ago. Her powers are out of whack and Spider-Man has come to help, and he brought friends! Get ready for a Fantastic time!


Reed Richards puts her through a series of tests and determines she is perfect physically. He suspects her issues are anxiety and refers her to Dr. Sinclair. She slugs Peter Parker for telling people about her life. Johnny Storm swoops in and asks her out. I love that he lured her with The Hobbit movies! What is even better is that she thought about it! She goes on the date with the Human Torch and they end up fighting crime and talking things over. I think Cindy is falling for Johnny Storm. (*girly squee!!* Excuse me. I just had a fangirl moment. I’m ok now.) Meanwhile, Black Cat has finished outfitting her minions and are ready to launch her attack on Silk. TO BE CONTINUED…

I am really, REALLY excited to read Silk 005 now!! I hope she starts something with Johnny Storm. I don’t think Peter Parker is an option. They have a troubled past. She has some feelings to work through first. Ugh! 2 whole weeks!!

The Dragon


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