Long Play: Pokemon Yellow

Back in July I mentioned that I was planning on playing (and thus reviewing) every title in the North American library for the classic Nintendo Gameboy (and most likely the Gameboy Color also)

I decided to start with Pokemon Yellow. This was, from the day it launched in the United States my favorite Gameboy game.
Going on 19 years, I think Pokemon Yellow has held up well. It’s just as fun and enjoyable as ever.
When Pokemon Yellow came ot in 1999 (in the U.S.) the graphoce were very good for what was offered on handhelds, and while over the last 2 decades the graphics for not only Pokemon games, but handhelds in general, has improved, I think that Pokemon Yellow still looks pretty good.
The music is still good, if not repeatave after a while.

As I played through, exploring every corner of Kanto, I recorded my game. As I was using a emulator on my phone, I was not always able to capture audio. At the time of writting I am only part way done with the game. I will continue to play and upload videos to YouTube.


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