Hacker Labs

14 Years and Counting

Here we are again celebrating another Hacker Labs anniversary.

I can not believe that I have been running hacker labs in one form or another that long. I have also been running hacker labs as a geek and otaku site for the last 4. I’m not going to rehash the sites history here (I’ve done that a number of times before.)

I’m going to be starting a new project – to play and review the entire North American library of Gameboy games. I should have the first review out soon.

I will also be limiting the amount of articles that I share / report from other sites in favor of more original content.

Another change will be the remove of ads on my site. Recently our ad provider Project Wonderful announced that they will be shutting down soon. I will not be replacing them but will instead will be taking the ads down altogether. I may still run the occasional ad promoting my own stuff.


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