Pokemon Red

Pokemon Red and Blue: the game, that for many of us started us on our quest to become a Pokemon master. Recently I sat down with the Red version (the one I originally played). Joining me in this playthrough is my wife, The Dragon, who will be posting her review on Pokemon Blue soon.

Pokemon Red is a great game, I cannot immagain ow many hundreds of hours I spent playing and replaying it as a kid. Not just playing it oer and over, but beating it 100% over and over.

The story is great, Providing enough motivation to not only move you through the game, but to make you feel good about the many, many hours of grinding the game requires. The graphics were great for the time, being improved on in future games.
Pokemon Red had a number of bugs, but none that really broke the game. My favorite is Missingno. Not only was it a easy way to level up a team, the item duplication glitch was awesome.
Thanks to Missingno. and a lot of free time, I could build team after unbeatable team (starting a new game each time) in just a few days. When I would battle agenst friends I was nearly unbeatable.


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