Contest of Champions 001 Oct. 2015



Welcome to the Contest of Champions where your favorite, and some new, Marvel characters battle it out to the death for the amusement of The Maestro, The Collector, and some mysterious other players. We begin with a look at the British Punisher, Nigel Higgins. He goes by Neil Hibbs now and is trying to get away from his life as the British Punisher. The Contest of Champions has other ideas. While contemplating with his cat Frank (haha!) about what to watch that night (Jurassic Park is on), he gets transported to the Contest arena. This time it is crawling with dinosaurs.

He gets greeted by Venom who tries to eat him, but is thwarted thanks to Gamora. Gamora takes him down and tells Nigel to help the Man of Iron who is being attacked by the Hulk, aka Joe Fixit. Iron Man and British Punisher are trying to figure out where they are when Devil Dinosaur comes charging in, with Gamora riding him. She takes him down like a BOSS and they finally see the Collector and The Maestro, with The Stick and a new character Guillotine.

Meanwhile, in Seoul, South Korea we see a woman attacking a bunch of Ultrons (?) while discussing Gun-R and how he vanished from the face of the Earth a few months ago. His remains were found three weeks ago with his CPU gutted and only a single piece of his memory was retrievable. It was a single audio file, “Gun-R… you are hereby SUMMONED.” The woman fighting the robots… White Fox. She is now on the hunt for whoever killed her friend Gun-R.

In the next bit we see the birth of a new hero in a red hood wielding a possessed sword that thirsts for blood. Jean Desmarais of Paris (1705 CE) is running through the catacombs of Paris and is being guided by a mysterious voice. His pursuers get a rude awakening when they run into not a frightened Jean Desmarais, but Desmarais as The Guillotine! We see a family lineage of Guillontines and finally we stop at the current Guillotine, Jeannine Sauvage. She is atop a building in Paris and is being yelled at by Marc Joubert that she has no place in his city. They will not tolerate vigilantes. The sword tells her to kill him. She says no, he is her fiance! The plot thickens. The next thing we see is Guillotine being summoned… TO BE CONTINUED

What will happen in the next Contest? Who will The Maestro’s five (Gamora, Iron Man, Stick, British Punisher, and Guillotine) battle next? Does this mean Guillotine will get her own comic??? I hope so, she looks interesting. Until next time!

The Dragon


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