Contest of Champions 003 (Dec. 2015)


Welcome back to the Contest of Champions. Here are the rules:

  1. Teams made up of 5 Main Contestants — with Ringers for Support — battle in a random arena within the Battlerealm.
  2. Battle continues until all members of one team are defeated or killed.
  3. Should all 5 Main Contestants die, the Contest is forfeit. All prizes gained thus far are forfeit.
  4. If The Collector looses, you die.

Before we delve into the plot, let’s check out the teams:

Team Collector

Team Grandmaster

Summoner: MaestroSummoner: Punisher 2099
Main:Ares, Outlaw, Stick, GullotineMain: Joe Fixit, Venom, Sentry, ???
Support: Iron Man, GamoraSupport: ???, ???

Before the battle ensues we get a glimpse of this Guillotine’s beginnings and how she acquired her sword. Then flash to the Contest of Champions. The Collector is yelling at his team for their past outburst of defiance (see Contest of Champions 002 (Nov. 2015) and reiterates the rules in case they had any other ideas.

Iron Man in sent… somewhere… due to his armor being too damaged. Maestro makes a team up of Gamora as the Ringer, Stick, Guillotine, and Ares to battle Sentry, Venom, Joe Fixit, and Bullseye. The Contestants are taken to Manhattan, Earth – 61610. The Team decided to go in subtle, but Ares didn’t get that memo and just starts yelling for Sentry. Who unceremoniously grabs Ares and flies away with him. Stick is no where to be found. Gamora and Guillotine are left to watch each other’s back… until Gamora runs off on her own when she smells Venom nearby. Leaving Guillotine alone. Guillotine faces the fourth member of Team Grandmaster, Bullseye. Bullseye tries to stab Guillotine in the back, but Guillotine dodges thanks to a heads-up from her demonic sword.

Meanwhile in Team Collector base camp, Maestro is doing the potty dance while Collector complains how one Contestant vanished and two are “locked in combat with vastly superior foes”. Maestro does not wander off to the nearest potty, he heads to his room to don his armor, only to discover someone has found Gun-R’s body and can also find Maestro… no matter what dimension he is in.

As Maestro ponders what to do, we check in with Gamora flying in to what is almost certainly a trap. This trap is brought to you buy Venom and Joe Fixit. How does a half-wit and a psychopath trap the Galaxy’s greatest assassin? Two words, folks… “Venom. Smash.” TO BE CONTINUED…

First, Marvel really needs to give Guillotine her own comic soon! The story is just so good to just confine it to Contest of Champions. I want to see Guillotine and her demon-sword in action.

Second, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!? Are you kidding? We have a Venom Hulk! All I want for Christmas is to see the epic smackdown ahead of me… soon! Until next time!

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