Contest of Champions 004 (Jan. 2016)


Welcome back to the Contest of Champions. Here are the rules:

  1. Teams made up of 5 Main Contestants — with Ringers for Support — battle in a random arena within the Battlerealm.
  2. Battle continues until all members of one team are defeated or killed.
  3. Should all 5 Main Contestants die, the Contest is forfeit. All prizes gained thus far are forfeit.
  4. If The Collector looses, you die.

Before we delve into the plot, let’s check out the teams:

Team CollectorTeam Grandmaster
Summoner: MaestroSummoner: Punisher 2099
Main: Ares, Outlaw, Stick, and GuillotineMain: Hulk (Rick Jones), Venom, Sentry, Bullseye (Electra Natchios)
Support:Gamora and ???Support:??? and ???


  • Iron Man
  • Moon Boy, Agent of Hydra
  • Devil Dinosaur


Years Ago at Matt Murdock’s Brownstone. Currently under siege by The Hand. It looks like Daredevil, Black Widow, and Stick are battleing The Hand. Stick moves the energy of those fighting him around and absorbs the energies of two score human souls. Unable to contain that energy, Stick died.

Weeks Ago at the Battlerealm: The Collector moved his own energy and raises Stick from the dead.

Now at the Arena in the remains of an alternate Manhattan: Guillotine and Bullseye square off with Bullseye is winning until Stick shows up and saves Guillotine. He sends her off to help Gamora. Sentry brought Ares to a rooftop to avoid the gaze of Grandmaster and the Collector. He tries to talk to Ares, but the Sentry of Ares’ universe killed him (ripped him apart with his bare hands), so Ares wasn’t in the mood to be friendly. Sentry gets angry and tosses Ares off the roof.

Meanwhile, Stick is winning his battle with Bullseye when Sentry shows up and warns him not to make him angry. We cut to Teen Hulk, now with added Venom, and Eddie Brock fighting Gamora. The Collector is not happy with Gamora and sends her away. He summons a new ringer, Night Thrasher. After Gamora gets pulled away Guillotine shows up and knocks Eddie out. Unfortunately, Guillotine’s sword doesn’t like the taste of Venom/Hulk. So Guillotine summoned the souls of the dead to attack Venom/Hulk. Eddie wakes up only to have Stick knock him out again.

The Collector’s team wins! Just in time to fight another battle, this time with Night Thrasher fighting on their side. TO BE CONTINUED…

Next up: To The Death! One will die. The Summoners will fight in the arena. This next battle should be good. I can’t wait to read it!! I am really enjoying Contest of Champions. I was a little too young to read them when the series first came out, but this new one is a lot of fun. Are you not entertained!! Until next time!

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