Contest of Champions 002 (Nov. 2015)


Welcome back to the Contest of Champions! The teams so far consist of:

Team Collector

  • Maestro, Summoner
  • Outlaw, British Punisher
  • Stick, Zen Fighter
  • Guillotine, Demon Sword
  • Iron Man, Iron Man
  • Gamora, Galactic Assassin

Team Grandmaster

  • Jake Gallows, Punisher 2099, Summoner
  • The Void
  • Venom
  • Bulleye
  • Madame Hydra
  • Joe Fixit


  • Moon Boy, Agent of Hydra
  • Devil Hydrasaur

We begin our journey in Elysium, the promised land where Greek Gods and Heroes go after they die. We see Ares, the God of War, and his son Alex (A.K.A. Phobos, the God of Fear) chasing butterflies and relaxing. Until Ares is summoned.

Everything is going well as our Team figures out who each other is and why they are there. At least until Ares breaks out of containment. The Collector orders Maestro to take care of Ares and Ares kicks him in the nuts. Everyone except Stick gang up on Maestro in an attempt to escape. Stick cautioned everyone to wait. The only one who listened was Ares. He is biding his time to watch and discover their weaknesses while not showing them his. Smart. The team is secured in their crystals and Maestro goes to bed.

Meanwhile in Seoul, South Korea White Fox is examining the remains of Gun-R. She used her keen senses to discover he was killed in a parallel universe and cannibalized for his parts. To make what, she doesn’t know. We see Maestro fiddling with Gun-R’s tech to make… something.

Flash to our other Team led by the Grandmaster, the Collector’s brother. We see his summoner and team for the first time. (see above) Who is fighting next? Ares vs Sentry. Guillotine vs Bullseye. Are you not entertained?!

Oh wow. Seeing Maestro and Ares throw down was fun!! When Ares kicked him in the nutsack. Oh man! I am loving the Contest of Champions. I can’t wait to see next issue’s battles and see how White Fox hunts down Maestro. This is fun. I missed the original Contest of Champions since I was too young to read them (so said Mom), but I am glad I get a chance to see this one. So much
fun!! Until next time!

The Dragon


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