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Hotel Transylvania 2



Hotel Transylvania picks up where the first movie left off. Mavis and Johnny are get married and has a little boy. They aren’t sure if he is a human or a vampire and Dracula spends the entire movie trying to bring out his vampire side. The little one is absolutely adorable! He made this whole movie.

Seeing Johnny’s family at the wedding and interacting with the monsters was pretty funny. Dracula opened the hotel up to monsters AND humans and now they have to get along. One roadbump was Vlad Dracula, Count Dracula’s dad, who hates humans. Hello conflict. The big guy does come around when his great-grandson is threatened. The wolf pups and Winnie are just great. Winnie has a crush on little Dennis. When Winnie is in danger, Dennis’ fangs come forth and he crushes it. He is so awesome.

This movie is a quick family favorite. Another great Halloween movie. I hope you enjoyed watching Hotel Transylvania 2 as much as I did. Tune in tomorrow for the Corpse Bride!

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