Siege 004 Oct. 2015 Review


To catch you up…

“The Multiverse was destroyed. Now, all that remains… is Battleworld! The more civilized domains to the north are protected from the violent, ungovernable territories to the south by the Shield, a planet-spanning wall made from Ben Grimm. Shield Commander Abigail brand led forces composed of exiles from other territories, including the Endless Summers clones (now quite few in number), time-traveling Kang the Conqueror, Leonardo Da Vinci, Lady Kate Bishop, and America Chavez, against a massive Ultron invasion led by the corrupted former Shield Commander Nick Fury. Despite losing many good men (and two shockingly good robots), they were victorious. Then Thanos showed up. We’ve lived to fight another day, but not much longer than that. Welcome to the Shield. Probably best not to get too comfortable.” – Siege 004 (Oct. 2015)


Thanos showed up at the gates and was promptly arrested. while sitting in his cell he revealed his hand in orchestrating this invasion force and his reason why, he hates Doom. While the battle rages on and everyone is above fighting, Thanos has a heart-to-heart with Ben Grimm. He tells him his true life and that they are not friends, but Doom is worse. He explains why Ben has suffered this unending torture for as long as he can remember, Doom wants revenge, and tells him there is a way to make this all stop. Ben, of course, does not fully believe him, so he goes to Leonardo Da Vinci and his Enlightenment Ray. Michelangelo gives his life, so the ray could have the energy to blast Ben with the truth he so desperately seeks. Ben is enlightened and sees Thanos was right. “What time is it, Ben Grimm? What time is it?” (Best line of the whole comic.) All anyone heard from the planet spanning giant as he stood up and walked the hell away, after it was processed in a way they could actually hear it, were three words… “It’s clobbering time!”

As they watch their Shield, their only protection from the hoards, get up and walk away they all resign themselves to their fate. “Time before the fall of the Shield: 0 Days. There was no hope. The Shield fell. Now there is.”

That has to be the best ending of a comic, ever. The best line. I really enjoyed Siege and I can’t wait to see the aftermath of Ben getting up and walking away. He is going to clobber the hell out of the false God Doom. This was one of Marvel’s better Siege comic series. I only wish they had not zoomed through it in only 4 comics. I would love to have gotten to know Abigail Brand and some of the others better. Let’s hope they appear in some of the All-New, All-Different series coming in October. Until next time!

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