Siege 001 Jul. 2015 Review


Meet Abigail Brand, Shield-Maiden and Commander of the Shield. We open the comic with her fighting someone called Ord. She wins and is sentenced to Shield and is made a Shield-Maiden. “At last.”

The Shield is a planet spanning wall that protects the other, civilized domains of Battleworld safe from the violent, ungovernable territories to the South full of the Undead, Ultron Drones, and Giant Undead Ant-Men. Leah is Second-in-Command of the Shield and Major Summers, leader of the Summer Forces, an army of Cyclops clones. We also meet Lady Katherine of Bishop who tries to become friendly with the newly arrived America Chavez.

Abigail wakes up to a pending attack, “an unwinnable fight” and gets the Thing’s (Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four) help. They don’t show the battle, but shows how they win it. They are being attacked by Giant Undead Ant-Men created by the Pym-Phalanx when they tried to modify the Undead’s DNA in order to use them against the Ultron infection. He failed horribly. The first Giant Undead Ant-Men they encountered had a message written into their DNA that said, “Kill me. I’m sorry. I was wrong. Kill me.” They use the Endless Summer Legion’s optic blasts focused through one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s (what?! How did he get here?) lenses.

After the battle, we learn Leah is leaving to take command of the Hel-Rangers and Abigail is getting a new Second-in-Command, Kang. It is their job to make sure the Shield never collapses. It has done so once before. The casualties were incalculable and several regions were destroyed entirely, including Breakland. There were 200 survivors, including one 9-year old girl, Abigail Brand. While Abigail is talking with her new Second-in-Command, Kang, they encounter a temporal distortion which produced a second Kang. Future Kang warns them in 20 days the Shield will fall and Thanos will doom them all. TO BE CONTINUED…

Wow. They started dark in this comic and it promises to pretty much stay that way. The last page of the comic reads, “TIME BEFORE THE FALL OF THE SHIELD: 20 DAYS AND COUNTING. THERE IS NO HOPE.” Woah. Dude. I started reading this comic, because I wanted to see what was going to happen with America Chavez. I love the cross-over from A-Force #001 (May 2015)! Now I am going to keep reading to see what happens when the Shield falls and the Ultron drones, Bugs, and Undead rain down upon the other domains of Battleworld. Will there be a crossover of this event in the other Battleworld comics? If so, these next few issues are going to be really amazing! Also, what does Thanos do? Does he get the Infinity Gauntlet? I have so many questions! Until next time!

The Dragon


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