Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps 003 Aug. 2015 Review


To catch you up…

“Recently, the Carol Corps were unequivocally ordered to destroy a mysterious and seemingly benign boat, only to discover that the ship was in fact full of refugees from a neighboring domain. Captain Marvel managed to rescue one of the ship’s passengers, but her growing suspicion of Baroness Cochran and Doom himself has caused her to question the source of her power. Determined to uncover the truth, the Corps secretly retrofit their fighters to take them into void. When the Baroness hinted that she was onto the plan, Helen decided to take off alone, blowing the plane– and herself– sky high…” -Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps 003 (Aug. 2015)


Captain Marvel flew up to save Helen while the Carol Corps pilots, the Banshees, scrambled to their hanger. They left Rhodey, the survivor of the boat debacle, with a walkie, go bag, and a gun. Helen survived with a broken arm, but the plan was shot, causing Captain Marvel to have to come up with a new plan on the spot. She orders the Banshees to take off while she collected Rhodey. The Banshees take to the sky and Mission Control and Baroness Cochran finally figure out their plan. Cochran sent planes to shoot Captain Marvel and the Banshees out of the sky. Cap was able to fend them off, but Cochran was already on the phone to Doom.

James Rhodes led them to a “safe” place he knew of and they were able to take inventory of their supplies. Carol told him that they were the ones who blew up his ship and they had a little service for those who died. The service ended with a visit from the Thors Corps. TO BE CONTINUED…

This comic is going a bit slower, in my opinion, than the others in the Battleworld series. The others just speed right through the action and Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps just drags along. I like the comic and the story is getting interesting, but I want more information. Where is Rhodey from? Why were the people on the ship leaving their domain? Why was Carol ordered to blow it up? I want more backstory than they are giving me right now. Of course, I always want more. Until next time!

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