Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps 004 Sep. 2015 Review


We’re back with another Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps! When we last left Carol Danvers and the flying aces of the Banshee Squadron, they were escaping with Rhodey to a deserted island.

“Upon learning that a freighter they were ordered to destroy was in fact full of refugees from a neighboring domain, the Carol Corps began to question the motives of Baroness Cockran. Luckily Captain Marvel was able to save one of the ship’s crew, but suspicion of their commanding officer and Doom himself has led the Banshees to question all they believe in. Determined to learn the truth about Carol’s origins, the Corps retrofitted their fighters to take them into the void, but their plan imploded when Helen decided to take off (and crash-land) before it was go time. Now, the Banshees are on the run from their sisters in arms and Doom’s elite police force, the THORS.” – Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps 004 (Sep. 2015)

The Thors came ready to attack and own face, but the Banshees came to give them HELL! With help from Helen and Rhodey on the ground below, Captain Marvel was able to down the Thors and give the Banshees enough time to get in the air. Captain Marvel fought Kit on the ground and explained her plan to see the stars and discover the truth of her powers. Kit the Thor threw her hammer and gave the Banshees and Captain Marvel a clear window to escape. “The truth awaits.”

The Banshees and Captain Marvel launched themselves into the void with everyone, including Baroness Cockran, watching and cheering them on. The reach the barrier between their world and the void and… all we see is a flash of light on Carol’s eyes and the comic ends.

First of all, best line of the whole comic, “Don’t get soft, Princess. We’ve got Ren-Faire-Reject Ass to Kick.” Rhodey’s reply, “Huzzah!” Rhodey and Helen get the best lines. The whole comic is full of great one lines. “How doth thee like them apples?!”

Second, what does Captain Marvel see? Did they make it? What happened to Rhodey and Helen on the island? Did Kit save them or are they in trouble with Doom now? Will the comic continue or is this the last one until the reboot? I really wish they would keep this one going. Even if I have to wait for the reboot. I really want to read more of this comic. I love this Captain Marvel and the Banshees. I love this version of Rhodes. This is definitely a comic I am going to keep an eye out for. Until next time!

The Dragon


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