Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps 002 Jul. 2015 Review


“When the Carol Corps were ordered to destroy an unidentified – and seemingly harmless – boat, Captain Marvel became suspicious of her commanding officer’s motives. Just as missiles were released, Carol’s suspicions were confirmed when a man appeared on the ship’s deck! Racing into the wreckage, Captain Marvel managed to save the sailor. Now she is determined to learn what other secrets are being kept from her.” Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps 002 (Jul. 2015).

Battleworld: The Ocean beyond Hala is where we find Captain Marvel, looking for wreckage of the ship she torpedoed. She finds a piece of wood with Alabtros written on it. Back at Base the Carol Corps is taking care of the survivor. The survivor needed a doctor, so they brought in Doctor Nayar, the Baroness’s personal physician to heal their guest. She gives them everything they need to save him, but can’t promise she won’t turn them in. We learn of the Myth of Captain Marvel. How Doom chose her and gave her special powers to protect everyone, but Dr. Nayar found out Captain Marvel is something different. She never says how.

Not sure if they can trust her, the Carol Corps gets started with their plan to explore whatever is above the sky. The refit their planes with special rockets to make it higher up. There plan is near completion when Captain Marvel is summoned to the Baroness’s office for a briefing. She gets all creepy and makes a “not-so” veiled threat via chess metaphor.

Back at the Base, we learn the survivor is alive and well. We also learn his name. He is none-other-than Captain Rhodes, Rhodey. He tells us his story and why he was in their area in the first place. He wanted to explore the world beyond his little pile of Hell. Captain Marvel tells him of her dreams and says she will get there soon. We see Helen climb into a plane and the plane explode after take off. TO BE CONTINUED…

Could that be the Baroness punishing them for harboring their fugitive? Did Dr. Nayar tell? What secret are they trying so hard to keep? I can’t wait to find out in the next issue! Until next time!

The Dragon


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