Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps 001 Jun. 2015 Review


Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps is another Secret Wars story. This takes place in Battleworld: Hala Field. Meet the Carol Corps, aka The Banshee Squadron. Hala Field’s first line of defense led by Col. Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. 2nd Lt. Maggie “Mackie” McMorrow, aka “Big Mack”. 2nd Lt. Jolene Saulaby, aka “Knock Knock”. 2nd Lt. Helen Cobb, aka “Pancho”. 1st Lt. Geraldine “Jerri” Quimby, aka “Blaze”.


We meet the team out on drills, trying to tag Captain Marvel in order to get music veto privileges (who doesn’t want to listen to “Danger Zone”?). Their drill is interrupted by an alarm at the Hydra Empire Wall. They find the alarm was created by Thor Corps, an elite police force created of different Thors from the various Multiverse, handpicked by Doom himself. Captain Marvel meets Kit, a young Thor whose hammer was forged by “All-Father Doom” from a star. Which is weird, because there are no stars in the sky. Below them is the core and above is the Void, so says Doom. So, how did he get a star?

The Banshee Squadron tosses that around for a while until Captain Marvel gets called up for a mission. They are to attack some incoming ships they are told have Ultron drones aboard. When Captain Marvel sees the ships she sees a human on board, not Ultron drones. She manages to save one person, but the rest die. She is NOT happy with the loss of human life at her hands and is going to find out what is going on. She is determined to see the sky. TO BE CONTINUED…

This Doom created distopia is pretty neat. I like seeing the different worlds and how each handles it. In Carol Corps it looks like they are some Doom worshiping cult. Instead of “Oh my God” they shout “Oh my Doom”. To question Doom is to speak blasphemy. When Captain Marvel is asked where she comes from she says, “She is of Doom” which is pretty creepy in itself. I am really hoping they take Doom down and find out what is really going on. Until next time!

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