Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet – Level 1

This is a repost from The Dragon’s Tower.

Please enjoy this playthrough from The Dragon’s Tower, your resource for puzzle solutions. All of our playthrough videos do not contain talking, so you can focus on the game.

Cement Works – Deserted room

  • Follow the on-screen directions and click on the matches, lower the lantern, and use the matches on the lantern.
  • Click on the Persian carpet, the carpet fibers, and the green cloth.
  • Pick up the scraps of paper (Landlady’s Note) and drag the note to the puzzle icon.

Landlady’s Note

  • Click and hold the pieces to place them on the board.
  • Right-click to turn the pieces.

Crime Report

  • Select the three words that match the three images; White Weapon, Carpet, Blood.

Just follow the prompts on the screen and finish the level. Pretty easy stuff. I was a little disappointed that the game was a hidden object game. Being one with the eyes of an ancient mole, hidden object games are more frustrating than enjoyable for me.


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