The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (Updated)

Last year I published my first Playthrough ever of the PC version of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. Since my account and the videos were deleted from YouTube, I had to upload them again. I kept the videos exactly as they were and you can still see every trophy being won and all the puzzle solutions. The puzzle solutions are also written below. I hope you enjoy my first gaming video!

Today we are playing The Testament of Sherlock Holmes by Focus Home Interactive. It is an interactive mystery game involving Sherlock Holmes. You control Holmes or Watson and must solve puzzles, discover clues, and perform lab work to solve Holmes’ case. Along the way you can get Honours (or PS3 Trophies, XBOX Achievements, etc), which I particularly enjoy. You get them in the form of medals that can be viewed on the Honours screen. Very pretty.

I played this game on the PS3 and got all the trophies. I was sad when the game was over, so I got it for my PC as well. I could play this game over and over again and still not get bored. I can’t wait to play the others in the series. Now onto….

Part 1: The Marquis of Conyngham

The first part of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is a tutorial. It shows you how to move about the game and use Holmes’ sixth sense to spot clues you missed. The tutorial is mostly cut scenes followed by a very short tutorial.

You have to go through the move tutorials before it will let you continue on in the game. So the parts where I am aimlessly running around is to make the notification of “Use L Shift to Run” go away so I can proceed.

Once you return to Baker Street you read the paper and examine a forged necklace. Then you segway into…

Part 2: The Bishop of Knightsbridge

This is where we get to see our first crime scene! It is a little gruesome, but it paints the way for what is ahead. The puzzles were all pretty easy with the exception of the chest at the end. That took a bit of thought, but if you think back to the chess board with the “L” shaped movements from earlier in the level you will get a HUGE hint to help you solve the chest puzzle.

Part 3: Back to Baker Street

I like this part of the game. Here we get to play around with Holmes’ chemistry set! We must analyze the evidence and complete our deduction board to determine where we shall go next. The puzzles here are pretty easy and don’t take up too much time.

Part 4: Westgate Prison

I like the prison level of this game. It feels like a segment from a Sherlock Holmes story. You can truly see his devious side here the way he manipulates everyone. Lots of cut-scenes in this level, which makes it really long. The puzzles are pretty simple and don’t take too much time to complete. Opening Hans’ box was the hardest for me, but that was due to small letters and not actual difficulty. During filming my game crashed a few times and I had to go back and re-record. I recall the PS3 game froze a few times. I lost progress in the game, but never my trophies.

THE ALARM PUZZLE:: There really isn’t a set way to solve this one. It is more timing than anything, I think.

Part 5: Whitechapel

Another easy level, but with a lot of cut-scenes. Verify your evidence in the cemetery and play the dice game. Make sure you threaten the children to get a trophy. I love how Holmes bets Watson’s stuff. The sob story from the Gambler is the best though. His dad, mom, sister, and dog. Cracked me up!

A lot of this level involves running back and forth between the cemetery and the hospital. I also love how Watson does all the dirty work too. Delightful cut-scene of the Prince of Woodville. Now to Batty Street and a gruesome scene.Nice burn from Dr. Watson. That dude needs some aloe, stat!Finish the deduction board for Kurtz, go to the Opium den (I got lost), and watch a big cut-scene. This will take us back to Baker Street, so we can head to Kensington Gardens.

Part 6: Kensington Gardens and Toby!

None of the puzzles in this level are very difficult. This level won’t take too long. Talk to the Lady and explore the garden. Once you return her laundry she will give you access to the Bishop of Knightsbridge’s Nephew’s room. Don’t forget to grab the clothes pins from the garden. I did and had to go back. The garden and room are pretty easy. Only the lockbox was difficult. Here’s the math on how to solve it:

I. Just add the numbers together in sequence.

1+2=3, 2+3=5, which means 3+5=8 our first number.

II. All the columns total 9

5+3+x=9 x=1 our second number

III. Work in a spiral, starting at 21, and -3, then -2, then -1, repeat.



So the next line should be 6-2=4 which is our third number

IV. You have 3 sets of numbers. The first set differ by 2, the second set by 4, and the third set by 1.

10, 8, 6 is 10-2=8, 8-2=6
3, 7, 11 is 3+4=7, 7+4=11
2, x, 4 is 2+1=x, x+1=4, x=3 our last number.

The code is 8 1 4 3.

This next segment is one of my favorite in the whole game. You get to control Toby! I love how the camera waddles and bobs as he walks and how the curser changes to a dog’s nose and paw. So cute! Once you regain control of Holmes walk through the door and down some scaffolding (metals stairs, I don’t know what they are called) and enjoy the next few cut-scenes.

Part 7: Farley’s Office

Farley’s office has more puzzles than any other area in the game so far. They aren’t difficult, just numerous. The deduction board can be a pain (it was for me). Here are the answers:

  1. The journalist looked out the window and saw Holmes.
  2. The journalist pushed the armchair, when he ran
  3. The journalist closed the door and left the key in the lock.
  4. The visitor smoked a cigar and sat opposite the journalist.
  5. The journalist accidentally dropped a book from the bookcase.
  6. The journalist threw this paper into fire without making sure that it burned entirely.

Once you get to the bookcase safe you will see a combination lock. Here’s the solution:

The hint we are given is +6. Starting with the numbers at 4….


Now the letters….

D+6=J (6th letter after D)
J+6=P (6 letter after J)

Solution = J 16 P

Grab the hat and head back to Baker Street.

Part 8: Bake to Baker Street Again

A really quick level. Look at the hat then figure out who it belongs to. Watch a short cut-scene and pull up your map to head to Judge Becket’s House. Pretty simple. Seeing some of the details in the picture to compare the three judges was a pain. The details were so SMALL. Even on the PS3 they were tiny and I have a huge TV.

Part 9: Judge Beckett’s House

Judge Beckett’s House is another one of my favorite levels in this game. The puzzles are easy, though numerous, and are not time consuming. The hardest puzzle is near the end when you need to open the Judge’s safe. There really isnt a set solution to the puzzle. Just try and separate the marbles into red, four blue in the middle, and green. Which side you put the green and red on do not matter. Only the four blue in the center. Watch some cut-scenes and enjoy!

Part 10: Baker Street in Shambles

This is a quick one. Gather Holmes’ disguises and figure out who he is disguised as and find Holmes. Easy enough. After matching the outfits with the letters found in Holmes’ room, we discover he is hiding out in Whitechapel. So, on to Whitechapel…

Part 11: Back to Whitechapel

Finding Buck’s Row is easy and blackmailing/sweet-talking the proprietor will get you into Holmes’ room. Digging through his room is pretty quick and easy. There is no direction on what to do in this level and it took me a second to remember what to do. Watch a cut-scene that will take you to the Watermill.

Part 12: The Watermill

The Watermill is the first level you actively switch between Holmes and Watson. When I first played it on the PS3 it was very confusing. This level took me a while. It gets faster with practice, but I am sure there are people out there that can run through this level faster than I. We see the three anarchistic, Russian brothers. I call them Hear No, See No, and Speak No. Not many puzzles or cut-scenes in this one, just flip flopping between Holmes and Watson and a LONG cut-scene at the end.

Part 13: The Sewers

A pretty quick level with Watson and only one puzzle. The switch puzzle took me a while to solve on the PS3. If you are following along with my videos getting trophies, by the 14th video you will have earned every trophy in the game, even the easily missable ones.

Part 14: Funfair of DOOM!

The Funfair, I think, is the longest level in the game. There are a lot of difficult puzzles and a lot of easy puzzles. It is also pretty long, because of all the cut-scenes. At the beginning of the video, I show the Honours/Trophy collection as it stands now. At the end we will check out the completed trophy collection.

Thanks for watching my videos of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed making them for you and I hope you enjoyed watching them.

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