Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper

Today we are playing Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper. I haven’t played this game yet, so you will be seeing my first try at all these puzzles. I will try to keep the videos as short as possible, but who knows how many tries it will take me to solve some of these puzzles? Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper… sounds like one epic throwdown.

Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper is an adventure game for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360, developed by Frogwares. It is the fifth game in the Sherlock Holmes series of adventure games developed by Frogwares. The game takes place in the London district of Whitechapel in 1888, the historical site of the Jack the Ripper murders.

Following the remastered version of Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened and Sherlock Holmes versus Arsène Lupin, Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper offered the ability to play in a third-person perspective in addition to the first-person perspective. The French version of the game was released on April 30, 2009.[1] The English version was released on May 24. – Wikipedia Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper

The videos for this game are from when I ran The Dragon’s Tower as my own separate blog, before the merge in December 2014, so they still have The Dragon’s Tower branding on them.

Let’s start with:

Part 1 – The Beginning

This is the tutorial level. I liked how in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes they placed the tutorial in your first case. This one you just get to wander the flat at Baker Street. Not much to click on and I found left clicking to move and double-left clicking to run did not work. I just sort of lurched forward. I used the WASD keys to walk and held SHIFT when I wanted to run. Did the same thing. I hope the controls are the same as TToSH. I also noticed Watson is the same actor while Holmes is not. Different animation for the two as well. Both have fatter heads.

Part 2 – Errands in Whitechapel I

A quick and easy level. Lots of running around Whitechapel. At least you can use the map to click on where you want to go and it will just take you there instead of having to run around getting lost, like I do. Instant travel = good. Once you get the police bag and unlock it (put the numbers in order 1-6), you will be directed to our next area, Buck’s Row.

The Lock Puzzle

Rearrange the numbers from 1 to 6 on the lock by moving the knobs in this order:

  • Bottom Right
  • Bottom Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Left
  • Top Middle
  • Top Middle

Part 3 – Polly Nichols – Buck’s Row

In this one you get to examine the body of Polly Nichols and the area she was murdered in Buck’s Row. Examining her is easy. Just scroll over her until you have discovered everything. Reenact the murder with Watson, poor Watson, and once the deduction board pops up we can solve the first two deduction boards. Move on to Baker Street and solve another deduction board for motive. Then it is back to Whitechapel….

Series of Events Puzzle:

For this puzzle, put the images in order based on when they happened.

1st Set –

  • Victim is standing
  • Hands
  • Right Hand
  • Neck
  • Murderer is in FRONT on the Victim

2nd Set –

  • Victim is lying down
  • Knife
  • Left Hand
  • Neck
  • Murderer is in FRONT on the Victim

The Deduction Board 1/2

  • Clue 1 – A black bonnet near the left hand.
  • Clue 2 – Poorly-lit street.
  • Clue 3 – The Prostitutes only go down this street to “exercise.”
  • Deduction 1 – The victim was holding her bonnet in her hand at the time of the murder.
  • Deduction 2 – The victim wasn’t afraid.
  • CONCLUSION 1 – P. Nichols had her bonnet in her hand and was ready to “exercise.”
  • Clue 4 – No traces of blood on the walls.
  • Clue 5 – The victim had her throat slit.
  • Deduction 3 – The victim didn’t have her throat slit while standing.
  • Clue 6 – A little pool of blood.
  • Deduction 4 – The blood didn’t flow in strong spurts.
  • Clue 7 – Dirty and damp ground.
  • Deduction 5 – He could not have had relations on the ground.
  • CONCLUSION 2 – P. Nichols was dead before being stretched out and having her throat slit.

The Deduction Board 2/2

  • Clue 1 – The Corpse was still warm.
  • Clue 2 – No footsteps on the ground.
  • Clue 3 – The murderer cut open Polly Nichols’ throat.
  • Deduction 1 – The victim wasn’t dragged.
  • CONCLUSION 1 – P. Nichols’ murder took place on the premises.
  • Clue 4 – The tongue was bloated.
  • CONCLUSION 2 – P. Nichols was strangled.
  • Clue 5 – The throat was slit from left to right.
  • Clue 6 – The murderer must have been sitting on the victim, knife in the left hand or right.
  • Clue 7 – The victim has a bruise on the right jawbone.
  • Deduction 2 – The bruise was caused by hard pressure with the fingers.
  • Clue 8 – The murder was standing in front of the victim to strangle her.
  • Deduction 3 – The killer’s left hand prevented the victim from screaming.
  • Deduction 4 – The killer strangled the victim with his right hand.
  • CONCLUSION 3 – Is P. Nichols’ murderer right-handed or left-handed?
  • CONCLUSION 4 – P. Nichols’ killer is a strong man.


YesRevengeResentment can lead to irreparable acts.
NoLoveThe victim was an “occasional” prostitute, without family or ties.
NoTheftThe victim lived in misery.
YesMadnessThe victim suffered horrible mutilations.
YesBlack MagicCredible motive, even if it’s a field that Sherlock doesn’t know!

Part 4 – Errands in Whitechapel II

This section is pretty quick and doesn’t have many puzzles, just the cane puzzle. You do get to see Lucy from The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. It is mentioned in TToSH that she was from the Ripper killings case. You get to run around Whitechapel as Watson learning about Leather Apron. Get your information, then head to Hanbury Street….

Part 5 – Annie Chapman – Hanbury Street

Another quick level. It took me a second to find Hanbury Street on the map. Click on the map of London and you will find it between Baker Street and Whitechapel. Examine poor Annie and solve 3 deduction boards. Pretty easy. Then we head back to Baker Street for a “rest” before heading out…

Deduction Board 1/3

  • Clue 1 – Neither footsteps nor streaks of blood on the ground.
  • Deduction 1 – The victim wasn’t dragged.
  • Clue 2 – The blood on the fence is a dozen inches off the ground.
  • Clue 3 – Some blood spurted on the wall near the stairs.
  • Deduction 2 – The victim had her throat slit while lying down and still alive.
  • Clue 4 – The victim has bruises under the right jawbone and beneath the left cheek.
  • Deduction 3 – The murderer held the victim’s chin with his left hand.
  • Deduction 4 – The murderer slit the victim’s throat with his right hand.
  • CONCLUSION 1 – A. Chapman’s murder took place on the premises.
  • CONCLUSION 2 – A. Chapman’s killer must be right-handed.
  • Clue 5 – The tongue was bloated.
  • Deduction 5 – The victim was strangled.
  • CONCLUSION 3 – A. Chapman was partially strangled and then had her throat slit.
  • Clue 6 – An envelope is near the victim’s head.
  • Deduction 6 – An envelope was brought out by the victim.
  • CONCLUSION 4 – A. Chapman was holding an envelope in her hand.

Deduction Board 2/3

  • Clue 1 – The items at the victim’s feet are very orderly.
  • Deduction 1 – These items belong to the victim.
  • CONCLUSION 1 – The murderer searched A. Chapman.
  • CONCLUSION 2 – A. Chapman’s murderer is unfeeling and organised.
  • Clue 2 – The body is cold at the extremities and rigor mortis has barely started.
  • Deduction 2 – The crime was committed barely two hours ago.
  • CONCLUSION 3 – The murder of A. Chapman was committed before 4:30 a.m.
  • Clue 3 – Recent, large scrape on the first phalanx of the middle finger.
  • Deduction 3 – The victim must have worn one or more rings.
  • CONCLUSION 4 – The murderer stole A. Chapman’s rings.

Deduction Board 3/3

  • Clue 1 – There is an incision form the right to left, going around the neck…
  • Clue 1 – There is an incision on the neck from the right side, stopping in the middle of the throat.
  • Clue 1 – The wound around the neck is jerky and not all in one piece.
  • Deduction 1 – The murderer used a very sharp blade.
  • Clue 1 – Organs are missing; the uterus was removed by the hands of an expert.
  • CONCLUSION 1 – A. Chapman’s killer wanted to decapitate her.
  • CONCLUSION 1 – A. Chapman’s killer used a weapon of great size.
  • CONCLUSION 1 – A. Chapman’s uterus was removed and taken.
  • CONCLUSION 1 – A. Chapman’s killer has a knowledge of anatomy.

Part 6 – Errands in Whitechapel III

Now we head back to Baker Street to continue our investigation and complete a few quests Watson picked up (finding the Harness for fake legs, the cane, etc). Head to the shoemaker to hear about Pizer. Head to the Clinic to get the cane and then back to the Brothel for more information. That will lead you to the Wasp’s Nest Pub. Get the journalist’s red ink and head back to Finley for more information on his tenant. Head back to the police station for the first real puzzle in this level… putting together the two documents. This is just a puzzle. Just work it out and once you read the documents head over to Baker Street…

Part 7 – Back to Baker Street I

Head back to Baker Street to get the timeline of the murder straight. Also to complete another Motives board. The answers for the timeline and Motive Board are below.


1st Pass2nd Pass
  • Stethoscope 4:30
  • Woman’s Head 5:30
  • Shoes: Bright one 4:45
  • Shoes: Dark one 4:50
  • Figure facing LEFT 5:20
  • Standing figure 5:24
  • Figure facing RIGHT 5:32
  • Pipe 6:20
  • Stethoscope 4:30
  • Woman’s Head 5:28
  • Shoes: Bright one 4:45
  • Shoes: Dark one 4:50
  • Figure facing LEFT 5:20
  • Standing 5:29
  • Figure facing RIGHT 5:31
  • Knife 5:30
  • Pipe 6:20

Motive Board:

NoSpecimen for the sole purpose of study?In the medical university environment, students easily have access to a number of specimens.
NoBlack Magic?No indication can suggest any type of ritual.
YesCannibalism?Dementia can push men to commit incredibly vile acts.
NoTrophy?For this motive, it would have been easy to quickly remove something from the Buck’s Row victim, Polly Nichols.
YesMoney?To supply human organ trafficking?

Part 8 – London Hospital

Go to the London Hospital and speak to Andrew. Open the suitcase and unscrew the trolley wheel. You should find an Old Prescription. Take a look at the Encyclopedia of Anatomy. Click on the jar to open the heart puzzle (Use As Proof).

Heart Puzzle:

  • Vena Cava Superior – 1 (I)
  • Valva Aortae – 5 (V) – You should get a message at 6.
  • Atrium Sinistrum – 8 (VIII)
  • Trunkus Pulmonalis – 2 (II) – You should get a magnet.

Go to the student’s desk and use the magnet to open it. Just do what I did for the magnet puzzle without hitting the iron bars. Watson will get a Hook. Use the hook to collect the card with an encoded message on it. After Andrew gives you the list of stolen bodies we can check back in with Holmes…

Part 9 – The Wasp Nest’s Pub

This video got split into 2 parts due an error in recording (aka I got stuck and had to look up what I was doing wrong. I didn’t fill the blowtorch with gas.). Dress Holmes as a mudlark and head to the Wasp’s Nest Pub in Whitechapel. Head to Bluto behind the door to the right of the bar. On the way to the door look at a hole in the ground. Move a plank and take the tongs. Solve another, kinda gross looking, puzzle. Move the objects until you get the jewel with the Hebrew character on it.

Jewel Puzzle Solution:

  1. Upper spoon to the left;
  2. Plate on the right goes up;
  3. Mirror goes up;
  4. Wood to the right;
  5. Left plank to the bottom;
  6. Bottom spoon to the left;
  7. Right bottle goes down;
  8. Bottom spoon to the right;
  9. Jewel to the right;
  10. Upper plant goes down;
  11. Upper spoon to the left;
  12. Comb goes up;
  13. Bottom spoon to the right;
  14. Upper plank goes down;
  15. Bottom spoon to the left;
  16. Jewel to the left;
  17. Bottom bottle goes up;
  18. Wood to the left;
  19. Mirror goes down;
  20. Bottom spoon to the right;
  21. Jewel goes right;
  22. Both planks go up;
  23. Bottom plate goes up;
  24. Wood to the left;
  25. Bottom plate goes down;
  26. Bottom spoon to the left;
  27. Comb goes down;
  28. Jewel to the right.

Talk to Bluto and he will ask you to get a bag before he will talk. Head to Finley’s and smell some gas. (teehee!) Find the broken ladder under the stairs. Go to the right of the stairs and find the Elbow Pipe on the barrels and the Hammer Head and Perfume Puffer lying on the ground. Look at the garbage under the stairs and find two Lead Pipe from a Gas System, Small Planks, Rusted Iron Dishes, Little Stick, and a Nozzle from a Perfume Atomizer. Look near the bench and find the Wooden Pole, Two Sticks, and Nails. There are also some Rags you want to pick up. Go to your inventory and combine the Hammer Head and the Small Stick to make a Hammer. Combine Two Sticks and attach the Wooden Pole, Small Planks, Nails, and the Hammer until you get a Ladder.Now go into the Abandoned Building, but Holmes needs protection from the gas. Go to the barrel with water and use the Rags on it to get Wet Rags. Use those as a mask for Holmes. Go inside.

Look at the dead rat (yum), then explore the room finding a Blowtorch (upper left corner of the room) and an Iron Bar (opposite wall from the blowtorch). Return to the center of the room and go to the wall in front of the window. Look at the gas installation and use the Iron Rod to open it. Holmes will find a bag behind the pipes and will decide he needs a better mask. Leave the building and go to Finley. Finley will tell you to go to the shoemaker.

Show the Cobbler the jewel and he will trust you. The shoemaker will send you to his cousin Abraham’s pet store. Abraham has a mask, but you need to get it from a snake. Fun. Take a look around the shop and locate Piece of Hook for Snake and the Cage with a Tight Mesh. Go to the Cobbler and borrow Tongs. Take some Metal Shank and Iron Thread too. Go back to the Pet Shop. Go to your inventory and combine the Metal Thread and Tongs to connect the Hook with the Shank to form a Snake Pole. Go to the large cage with the snake and put the smaller cage in front of it and take out the snake with the pole. Now take the Tanner’s Mask. Back to Finley! Put on your new mask and go inside the Gas Building. Go to the Gas Installation and click on the bag. Puzzle Time! Connect the pipes and weld them together. The pressure gauge on hole 3 needs to read 100.

Pipe Puzzle Solution:

  • Move the pressure gauge to hole 1 at the top. Turn it to the LEFT until it reads 0.
  • At Hole 2, turn the middle wheel to the RIGHT (raising the pressure to 50).
  • Move the gauge to Hole 4 and turn the lower knob to the LEFT.
  • Placing the gauge at Hole 3 should get you a reading of 100.
  • Add gas to the blowtorch.
  • Start welding each of the 5 connections (they turn red when you are done) and click the left mouse button.
  • Turn the gas back on! Turn off the middle wheel until the gauge shows 0. Put the gauge in Hole 1 and open the gas by turning the upper wheel until the gauge shows 50.

Grab Bluto’s bag and open the bag. Find stolen jewels and replace them with rusty pots. Take the kitten you find (awww), remove the mask, and head back to the Wasp’s Nest Pub. Give Bluto his bag of rusty pots and talk to him about Squibby. Go back to the Pet Shop with the kitten. Find some of Holmes’ Irregulars and go into the shop. Talk about the kitten (read the Encyclopedia) and head to the Police Station. Go to Commercial Street and meet Big Danny. Go to the Brothel and talk to Lucy and Bella.

Take the case of Perfume Bottles and check them out.

Bookstore Date Puzzle:

Just place the dates where they belong without repeating an end number.

First Column of 4 DatesSecond Column of 5 DatesThird Column of 4 Dates

Examine the perfume at Baker Street by matching shapes. It is pretty easy. Watch the video to see the final shapes. Or mix and match like I did to find the right combination. Head back to the Brothel and speak to Bella again. Now we head to the Police Station to speak with Big Danny…..

Part 10 – Whitechapel Prison I

Talk to Big Danny and give her the Valerian “Perfume” (I already attached the atomizer and puffer to the bottle in the previous video). Now we set up one of the funniest diversions in the game. Poor Big Danny. (tee hee!)

Head to the Pet Store and learn that a local street vendor is giving away cat food. Exit the shop and head to the main street. A vendor selling kebabs will be shouting, “beep, beep!” Talk to him. Watch the hilarity unfold.

Go to the door LEFT of the desk. Try and open it (it’s locked). Pick the lock.

Pick the Lock:

When you want to move the nail in one direction you have to move it to the opposite side. So, if you want to move it to the right the you have to move it to the left.

Go inside. Squibby is in the first cell. Talk to him and leave Bluto’s Treasure on the policeman’s desk on your way out. Go to the Wasp’s Nest Pub and talk to the waitress. Take the Journal and talk to the bartender about the journalist. Go back to Baker Street…

Part 11 – Back to Baker Street II

Go to Holmes’ lab table and work on the code.

Encoded Message:


Use map to locate – Wharfdale Road; in the upper side of the map, and click!

Part 12 – Wharfdale Road

Go to the LEFT to the laundry. Use your Pocket Knife to cut some Clothes Line. Walk along the sidewalk until you get to a small courtyard on the other side of the building. Look at the garbage under the wall and cut a piece of Tarred Tarpaulin. Go to the opposite wall and check out the trolley with the missing wheel. Look at the window and see a light. Head back to the front door and find it is closed. Open it with the Tarpaulin. Once inside go LEFT and look at the bottles of chemicals (LEFT of the fireplace) and open the wooden box (RIGHT of the fireplace). Take the Metal Stick. Go to the other half of the room and check out the rug. Move the table and check out the trapdoor. Open the passage to the hidden room. Tie a rope to the stairs and go down. Once in the room take the Poker. Check out the stretcher. Try to use the electric mechanism to lift the stretcher using the Poker. Puzzle time!

Wire Puzzle:

Reconnect the three wires. Each set brings up a new board. Click on the buttons to lead the wire. You can click vertical, horizontal, and diagonal.

After you solve the puzzle, turn it on. Pick up the Bent Key. Click on the table with all the tools. Take the Pincers and Hammer. Put the key in the vice and use the Pincers to straighten the key. Walk towards the exit door and look at the footsteps on the floor. Open the door. Go to the stairs and head to the main entrance of the building. Go to the trapdoor and take the Piece of Stretcher (two parts) and go to the exit on the left. Use the Metal Stick to detach a Wheel of a Small Cart. Head to the courtyard on the LEFT of the building and install the wheel on to the small cart missing its wheel. Remove the stone that is blocking the wheels and push the cart to the window. Put the Wooden Stretcher near the wall. With the Hammer and Poker cut some holes in the stretcher and climb. Remove the plank at the window to get in. Oh, look! A dead woman.

Look at her feet and take a look at her toe tag. Check out the bottle on the table and her face. Take the Photograph that is on the chest. remove the Leaflet from the wall advertising Prince Raskalnikiv’s show. Go to the desk opposite the window and look at the picture. Look at the dress on the RIGHT side and take the Red Ribbon. Search the jacket and take the Triangular-shaped Jewel. Go to the shelf to the RIGHT of the window and look at the jar of glass eyes… and another puzzle box!

Puzzle Box:

You need to erase the numbers in the center by matching the Red number with the number in the frame, either by adding the numbers or having the number in the frame.

Open the box and take the Metal Square and the Letter. Connect the square and triangle ornaments. Click on the window and hear a cab and footsteps. Go to the courtyard. Show the man the Square and Triangle Attached thing you just made. Talk to him. Time to move on…

Part 13 – Central News Agency I

Head to the Central News Agency (on your Map of London). Speak to the guy by the window. Use the Leaflet on Prince Raskalnikov to make him leave. He will give you an “I Owe You” and leave. Head to Bulling’s desk near the stove (the lamp is on) and search the bin. Take Crumpled Letter. Look at the desk and take the Coins, Rags, and Bulling’s Notes. Look at the oven and open the door using the Rags. You will get a Blotting Piece of Paper. Go to the boss’ desk (by the door) and take the Letter to Mr. Moore. Use the mirror to read the Blotting Piece of Paper. Go to the phone and call…

Phone Puzzle:

This one is pretty easy. You have a list of phone numbers, but one is missing. There is stamp of a coin there instead. Take the Coins and look at what year they were made. Match the coin to the stamp. Call 1875 and pull the handle. Talk to the man on the phone…

Phone Call Puzzle:

You need to reply to the man in the proper way to get your information.

1. Do the police have a suspect for the bizarre theft of cigarettes and carrots that took place at the Commercial Street market?Scotland Yard – is searching for a rabbit – that coughs.
2. With regards to the parliamentary scandal, what did the head of the Whig party respond to the Tories who are treating him as a “great incompetent”?Vote for me; I – will surely be – your best representative.
3. According to a government social study, civil servants make the best husbands – why?When he comes home from work, – he is never tired and – has already read the newspaper.

Grab the three envelopes and get Notes on Spring Heeled Jack, List in Pencil, and Abberline’s Telegram. Go to the Police Station….

Part 14 – Whitechapel Prison II

Head into the Police Station. Talk to the Inspector ad receive a Letter signed by “Jack the Ripper”. Go to the Wasp’s Nest Pub. Go inside. Speak with Bulling. Leave and talk with Squibby. Go to Finley’s. Talk to Finley, then go upstairs. Examine everything with the magnifying glass. Look at the footprint (right foot and he was running) and the liquid (formalin). Measure the size of his foot (13). Look inside the room (behind the door). Look at the pieces of glass and poured liquid on the table. Look at the Correspondence on the table. Another Letter can be found on the bedside table. Now for that wardrobe…

Wardrobe Puzzle:

You need to assign dates, flags, and hats to the Civil War battles. Here is the solution:

12.04.61Fort SumterConfederate FlagConfederate Soldier Hat
17.09.62AntietamBlue Flag with EagleNorthern Soldier Hat
02.05.63ChancellorsvilleBlue Flag with a White StarGray General’s Hat
03.07.63GettysburgGreen FlagGreen Hat
04.07.63VicksburgBlue Flag with ShieldNorthern General’s Hat

Open the wardrobe and click on the jars. Talk to Finley…

Part 15 – The Slaughterhouse

Head to the Brothel. Talk to Lucy. Head to the Butcher Shop. Go down the street to the Clinic (right). Talk to the Doctor about Fletcher. Leave the Clinic and talk to Big Danny. Head to Hanbury Street. Find the kebab vendor (beep, beep!) and talk to him. Go to the shop in the yard where Annie Chapman was murdered. Go upstairs and head to the end of the corridor. Find a Key. Go to the courtyard. Open the door on the right and find a Basic Key. Give it to the kebab vendor, Hardiman. Talk to him about the pig heads.

Now you are at the Slaughterhouse. Open the door. Using your knife remove the upper left Small Wheel. Move the hook to the door and connect it with the hinge. Use your knife to remove the damaged lower wheel and insert the Small Wheel into this spot (the one you just pulled from the top). Open the door. Watson needs to collect some knives…

Knife Puzzle:

Measure the knives. Take the very last one. Use the magnifying glass to look at the shorter blade. Take the first one. Go talk to Holmes. Click on each pig head with the cursor to hear Sherlock’s comments. Click on the table…

Piggy Puzzle:

  • Experiment 1 – Cut the throat with each of the knives. Mark the 1st and Last blade.
  • Experiment 2 – Cut off the victim’s head with each blade. Mark knives 2, 3, and 4.
  • Experiment 3 – Cut the victim in one blow. Mark knives 1, 3, and 4.
  • Now select which knife performed all 3 strikes: Knife 4. Drag it to the empty box at the bottom.

Visit the Wasp’s Nest Pub and talk to the barman and the journalist. Watson will talk to a police officer…

Part 16 – Liz Stride – Dutfield’s Yard

Go to the International Working Men’s Club (next to the Wasp’s Nest Pub) and go inside. Now for another Timeline puzzle!

Timeline Puzzle:

All the times are pretty much filled in thanks to Watson’s conversation with the police. Just place them in the proper spots.

  • 0:00 midnight – the club meeting ends (three men).
  • 0:20 – the American goes out for some air. No one is in the street (figure walking RIGHT).
  • 0:30 – 0:35 – Smith sees Liz Stride speaking to the man with the package (man and woman).
  • 0:40 – Mr. Eagle enters the club by the passage in Dunfield’s Yard (figure walking LEFT).
  • 0:43 – Schwartz changes sidewalks and sees the attacker (man).
  • 0:44 – The attacker is yielding to his helper to scare Schwartz (Guy walking away quickly).
  • 0:45 – Schwartz is fleeing (running man).
  • 1:00 – Mr. Diemschutz wants to enter with his cart pulled by a pony (horse).
  • 0:45 – 1:00 – The murder of Liz Stride (body)

Once the timeline is done examine the body. After you examine the body it is time for another Deduction Board.

Deduction Board (murder of Liz Stride – Dutfield’s Yard):

  • Clue 1 – The knees and the bottom of the dress at the front are clean.
  • Clue 2 – The ground is dirty.
  • Deduction 1 – The victim didn’t struggle on the ground.
  • Deduction 2 – The victim was killed upright.
  • Deduction 3 – Stride and her murderer were standing at the moment of the mortal blow.
  • Clue 3- The wound to the neck is clean, starting from the right and slightly oblique and descending.
  • Deduction 4 – The blow was given with the right hand.
  • Deduction 5 – There is only one would and it proved to be mortal.
  • Deduction 6 – The murderer struck the blow from his height.
  • CONCLUSION 1 – L. Stride’s killer is approximately the same height as the victim.
  • CONCLUSION 2 – L. Stride’s killer is right-handed.
  • Deduction 7 – The murderer is strong.
  • CONCLUSION 3 – L. Stride’s killer is a strong man.
  • Clue 4 – Bloody right hand and wrist.
  • Clue 5 – The carotid wasn’t slit.
  • Deduction 8 – The victim put her hand on her throat.
  • CONCLUSION 4 – The knife blade used in L. Stride’s murder was thin.

Complete the deduction board and listen to Holmes. Look at the body again and check out the pills. Now to Mitre Square…

Part 17 – Katherine Eddowes – Mitre Square

Now you are in Mitre Square. Take a few steps from your start point and pass a large chest. Go to the next one and find a Lantern. Use Matches on it. Go to the dark corner of the street and find the “body”.


Examine the body and find the cut off eyelids, cut off nose, one cut on the throat, and cut cheeks. Zoom out and look at the body some more. Examine the intestine on her right arm, the open stomach, the missing uterus and kidney, a piece of white apron, and a few other things on the ground. Check all three streets leading to Mitre Square. Walk along the fence until you reach the Church Passage, leading to Duke Street. Go to Duke Street. Talk to Abraham Solomonovitch. Go back to Mitre Square and head to St. James Place. Pass a huge chest and go straight ahead until you reach the exit. Now for another Timeline.


  • 1:30 – Police officer Watkins enters Mitre Square (standing man).
  • 1:30 – The murder wasn’t done yet (Clock).
  • 1:35 – A man and a woman are talking on the Church Passage (man and woman).
  • 1:42 – Police officer Harvey enters Mitre Square (policeman).
  • 1:44 – The body was found (man with a lamp).
  • 1:35 – 1:42 – The time when the murder was done (body).
  • 1:00 – 1:20 – Sherlock and Watson are coming from Dutfield’s Yard to Mitre Square (detectives).

Now for two deduction boards.

Deduction Board (murder of Katherine Eddowes – Mitre Square) 1/2:

Clue 1 – The wound to the neck goes from the right and slightly oblique and descending.
Clue 2 – The central incision goes from the sternum downwards towards the groin.
Deduction 1 – The blow was fierce and instantaneous.
Deduction 2 – The wound is the same kind as that of L. Stride.
Deduction 3 – K. Eddowes died the same way as Liz Stride.
CONCLUSION 1 – K. Eddowes’ murderer is right-handed.
CONCLUSION 2 – K. Eddowes’ and L. Stride’s murderer may be one and the same.
CONCLUSION 3 – The murderer opened K. Eddowes’ abdomen like that of an animal.
Clue 3 – A piece of K. Eddowes’ white apron was cut out.
Deduction 4 – The items at the victim’s feet are very orderly.
CONCLUSION 4 – K. Eddowes’ murderer is unfeeling ad organized.

Deduction Board (murder of Katherine Eddowes – Mitre Square) 2/2:

Clue 1 – The items are meant for a woman.
Deduction 1 – These items belong to the victim.
CONCLUSION 1 – The murderer searched K. Eddowes.
Clue 2 – A thimble is found right beside the victim’s hand.
CONCLUSION 2 -K. Eddowes held a thimble in her hand.
Clue 3 – K. Eddowes’ liver and lungs underwent small incisions.
Clue 4 – K. Eddowes’ kidney and uterus were removed.
Clue 5 – K. Eddowes’ nose was cut.
Clue 6 – K. Eddowes’ cheeks were slashed to become thinner.
Clue 7 – K. Eddowes’ eyelids were cut.
CONCLUSION 3 – K. Eddowes’ murderer knew anatomy.

Once the boards are finished, head to Goulston Street…

Part 18 – Goulston Street

Go to Goulston Street via the map. Look for Flittman & Co. Now Holmes will ask Watson to fetch water. Find Rope in the first stall. Walk straight ahead and get the Pole. Walk across the street to find the Watering Can. In the stall in front of the watering can there is a Pole with a Hook. Take it and go to the window. Move the box to the table. Combine the Pole with a Hook and the Rope. Take the Watering Can, if you haven’t already done so. Move off down the road and locate a barrel with water (behind a table near the I. Solomonovitch shop). Fill the Watering Can and go back to Holmes. Use the Watering Can on the wall. As Watson, approach the wall with the lamp, then go to the dark corner until you see something in the gate. After talking with Holmes, go back to Baker Street…

Part 19 – Back to Baker Street III

Listen to Holmes talk and, as Watson, fetch three dummies and outfits. Go to Watson’s room and take the Worker’s Disguise from the wardrobe, a Costume from a mannequin, and the Mannequin. Exit Watson’s room. You should see a cap right in front of you. Take it. Now go to Holmes’ room. Open the wardrobe and take the Gray Hat and the second Mannequin. Also in Sherlock’s room you should see a third Mannequin, Worker’s clothes, a Deerstalker cap, and a Blond Wig. Inside the suitcase on the bed you will find Dark Brown Wigs and, in the nightstand, Ginger Wigs. Take it all. Return to the Common Room.

The dummies are all set up and ready for you to dress them up like the descriptions of the murderer taken from witnesses. Fill in your evidence with the testimonies of Abraham Solomonovitch, the Constable, and E. Long. Puzzle time!

Dummy Puzzle:

Dummy 1Dummy 2Dummy 3
5.3 ft5.8 ft5.3 ft
30 yrs26 yrs40 yrs
gray jacketgray jacket with vestgreen suit
blond wigbrown wigbrown wig
gray capbrown hatdeerstalker cap

After turning out the lights Holmes will decide the killer was blonde. Change the Dummies so they all have Blonde Wigs. Now to modify the ages based on testimony to something more uniform.

Age Puzzle:

Abraham testimonySmith testimonyE. Long testimony
25 – 3516 – 3630 – 50
26 – 3417 – 3531 – 49
27 – 3318 – 3432 – 48
19 – 3333 – 47

Holmes will settle on 33. Change all the Dummies ages to 33. Now answer Holmes’ question.

Holmes’ Question:

QUESTION: What will Jack the Ripper do after committing the first murder in Dutfield’s Yard… and before committing the second in Mitre Square?
ANSWER: Return home or to a safe location and… & … change and go look for another victim.

Now we guess the killer’s hideout location. Go to the cabinet by the window and take the Pencil, Ruler, and Compass. Go to the wall and look at the map.

Map Puzzle:

Place the head of the appropriate victim with where they were found, then draw a line with the pencil from Mitre Square to Buck’s Row, from Dutfield Yard to Hanbury Street, and from Dutfield’s Yard to Mitre Square. Click on the middle of the third line and move the curser to draw ellipsis on Dutfield Yard’s and Miter Square. Then click at the place with graffiti and move the cursor to reach Miter Square. Now click on the area where the two ellipsis are drawn to guess where the murderer is hiding. Ta da!

Part 20 – Central News Agency II

Go to the Central News Agency via the map (handy thing). Talk to Tom Bulling. Show him the “I Owe You” to get him to talk to you. Go to the dispatch shelf and puzzle time!!

Dispatch Label Puzzle:

There are no labels on the pockets of the Dispatch Shelf, so we need to look around the office for some things to help us. Go to the desk next to the shelf and take the Letter to Fernard. Go to the next desk and take the Note in Pencil and from another desk take Journalist’s Letter. Head to the door by the Boss’ desk and take the Note Administrative from the frame. In the machine you should see the Director’s Letter and on the desk a Repair Bill. Now head back to the Dispatch Shelf.

  • Top Row – Frontpage, World, Politics, Society, Economy, News in Brief and Oddities
  • Bottom Row – Personalities, Police and Law, Inventions and Sciences, Culture, Sports, Weather

Click on the flashing envelope. Look for a tea pot and fill it with water. Go to the stove near Bulling’s desk, open the door, start a fire, put the kettle on and use the steam to open the envelope. I love how in The Testimony of the Smith Affair they use Mrs. Mary Russell as a witness. Laurie R. King has a series involving Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell (who later becomes Mrs. Holmes). Ha! After reading everything go to the Pet Store via the map. Click on the door and speak to Hardiman about what happened. Go to the Clinic via the map. Now head to the Cobbler and talk to the shoemaker. Now back to Baker Street….

Part 21 – Back to Baker Street IV

Head to Baker Street and read a letter Watson has received. Mark Martha Tabram’s death on the map (George Yard Buildings). One of Holmes’ Irregulars will stop by with some information. Holmes will head to Finley’s and, FINALLY, get to talk to Tumbelty. Holmes will receive an address leading you to Dorset Street. Talk to the crying man. Why is he crying? He just found Jack the Ripper’s final victim.


Holmes will head back to Baker Street for one of the most gruesome puzzles we have had yet. I must say, I don’t care for the puzzles in this one. They are too easy and it pretty much consists of go here and pick up this. No real puzzles or major problem solving going on. I am finding the game pretty boring and I can’t wait for it to be done, so I can move on. Ugh!

The Clay Puzzle:

Using the Tweezers match the organs with the holes.

  • right kidney (right of the head) – put it in the left (from the players point of view) part of stomach
  • right breast (left of the head) – put it in the left (from the players point of view) hole in the torso
  • uterus (left of the right arm) – put it in the lower section of the stomach
  • left kidney (right of the head) – put it in the right (from the players point of view) part of the stomach
  • spleen (near the left leg) – put it in the center of the stomach
  • liver (between legs) – put it in the upper part of the stomach
  • stomach (near the right knee) – put it in the center of the stomach
  • left breast (near the right foot) – put it in the right (from the players point of view) hole in the torso

You will find the Heart is missing. Visit the Cobbler via the map. You will run into Hardiman, so talk to him. Now talk to the Cobbler, which will lead you to the Imperial Club…

Part 22 – Imperial Club

Go to the Imperial Club via your map. Talk to the Bodyguard. Look at the poster for the Imperial Meeting and the Chief Rabbi’s message. Take the Broken Hanger. Exit the Imperial Club. Look at the door and the barrel. Go to the planks and take the Axle. Go back to the main entrance and take the Piece of Wood. Go back to the barrel and try to move it with what you just collected. Now click on the window and use the Broken Hanger to open it. Go inside to the stairs and leave the basement. Take the Administration Key. Leave the room and go next door, open it with the key and take the Dictionary from the table and the Proceedings Judgment. Open the box and take the Metal Plates. Find the Butcher’s Letter. Open the safe…


Use the Metal Plates to open the safe and place them on the board. Match the symbols on the squares (like dominoes).

Once open you should see documents in Yiddish. Use the dictionary to read them.

Yiddish Puzzle:

Match the letters from the Latin alphabet to the books. A, B, H, U, L, M, E, R.

Once complete you will be able to find Levy, Joseph’s address. Take the candlestick and exit the room. Go to the basement and open the window. Go to the other side of the basement and take the clothes line, the bucket and hook as well. Connect the hook with the wires and leave the candlestick on the bookshelf. Put a few empty cans in the bucket. Connect the other end of the line to the candlestick. Add the bucket and click on the table. Light the candle and run to the administrative room. Leave the Imperial Club and go to your new address 36 Middlesex Street via your map. Talk to Sarah Levy. Go to Baker Street…

Part 23 – And the Murderer is…

At Baker Street we need to complete 5 Deduction Boards. For these Deduction Boards I am only writing in the new information and the new conclusions. Otherwise, this would be WAY too long.

General Deduction Board 1/5:

Clue 1 – The Whitechapel killer had the time to kill L. Stride and K. Eddowes.
Clue 2 – M. J. Kelly had her throat slit the same was as the other victims.
CONCLUSION 1 – Jack the Ripper diverted the attention of his victims before killing them.
CONCLUSION 2 – The Whitechapel killer proceeded in the same way.
CONCLUSION 3 – It’s the same man who killed P. Nichols and A. Chapman.
CONCLUSION 4 – It’s the same man who killed L. Stride and K. Eddowes.
CONCLUSION 5 – Jack the Ripper possesses great physical force.
CONCLUSION 6 – Jack the Ripper definitely killed P. Nichols, A. Chapman, L. Stride, and M. J. Kelly.

General Deduction Board 2/5:

Clue 1 – The same butcher’s knife was use in the crimes against P. Nichols, A. Chapman, L. Stride, K. Eddowes, and M. J. Kelly.
Clue 2 – M. J. Kelly’s murderer has a knowledge of anatomy.
CONCLUSION 1 – The Whitechapel killer is or was a butcher.

General Deduction Board 3/5:

Clue 1 – There is no organ trafficking in London.
Clue 2 – Many of M. J. Kelly’s organs were detached.
Clue 3 – M. J. Kelly’s lungs were subject to incisions.
Clue 4 – M. J. Kelly’s heart was removed the same way as the other murders.
CONCLUSION 1- The killer wanted to verify the health of his victims.
CONCLUSION 2- Jack the Ripper removed the victims’ organs when he could.

General Deduction Board 4/5:

Clue 1 – Annie Chapman’s rings were worthless.
Clue 2 – The wounds on K. Eddowes neck reveal that the murderer is right-handed.
CONCLUSION 1- The murderer was looking for money or objects of value.
CONCLUSION 2- The Whitechapel killer is poor.
CONCLUSION 3- Jack the Ripper is right-handed.

General Deduction Board 5/5:

Clue 1 – K. Eddowes’ piece of apron was found in Goulston Street, near the message accusing the Jews.
Clue 2 – The Whitechapel killer left a message accusing the Jews in Goulston Street.
Clue 3 – Syphilis deforms the patients’ face.
Clue 4 – M. J. Kelly was disfigured.
CONCLUSION 1 – Jack the Ripper has a score to settle with the Jewish community.
CONCLUSION 2 – Jack the Ripper wanted to give his last victims the appearance of syphilis.
CONCLUSION 3 – Jack the Ripper was confronted with syphilis

Now you have to decide who is Jack the Ripper.

Suspect Puzzle:

  1. Jack the Ripper is right-handed. – all. (already done for you)
  2. Jack the Ripper was confronted with syphilis. – James Hardiman, Jacob Levy.
  3. The Whitechapel killer is poor. – James Hardiman, Jacob Levy, Abraham Solomonovitch.
  4. The Whitechapel killer is or was a butcher. – James Hardiman, Jacob Levy, Abraham Solomonovitch.
  5. Jack the Ripper has a score to settle with the Jewish community. – Jacob Levy, Abraham Solomonovitch.
  6. Jack the Ripper possesses great physical force. – Dr. Francis Tumblety, Jacob Levy.
  7. The murderer has workman’s clothes. – James Hardiman, Jacob Levy.
  8. Jack the Ripper lives in the ward of Aldgate. – Jacob Levy.
  9. The murderer is 5 feet, 3 inches tall. – Jacob Levy.
  10. The murderer has light-coloured hair and moustache. – Jacob Levy.

Move the picture of the killer to the appropriate spot. Watch the final scenes unfold! I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough and I hope the puzzle solutions helped.

Thanks for watching!

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