Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet – Level 2

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Mrs. Pitticot’s House – Gordon’s Chamber

  • Follow the on-screen directions and click on the cabinet. Select the paint brush and the knife.

  • Click on the Pitcher of water, blood stain, and sponge.
  • Click on the Painting for the Painting Puzzle

Painting Puzzle

  • Click on the paint brush and dip it into the water. Hold the left mouse button and drag the brush across the painting to get it wet.
  • Use the sponge to wipe the paint off the painting to reveal the image of Mary underneath.

Mrs. Pitticot’s House – Garden

  • Select the Key from the hanging basket. Use it on the cabinet. Click on the 2 pots to move them, then click on the note.
  • Close the cabinet and put the key down. Select the Knife, Footprint, Decoder Page, Scuff Marks, and Pile of Scraps.
  • Drag the note or decoder paper to the puzzle icon and start the Decoder Puzzle.

Decoder Puzzle

  • Align the top hole with the letter “I” on the note. Once the page locks in place click on each letter to reveal the hidden message.

Scotland Yard: Suspect – Mary Summer

  • Using the magnafying glass, click on her shoe, bag (speck of blood and cigarettes), her nails, her umbrella bows, her lips, her earring, and her hairline.

That’s all there is for this level. Some of the beginning analysis of Level 3 can be seen at the end of this video. The game would not let me exit out until I finished the onscreen instructions. That was annoying.


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