The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 004 Apr. 2015 Review


In The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 003 we left with Squirrel Girl getting ready to battle Galactus on the moon with some stolen Stark Tech. On the way she thwarted a bank robbery where her college roommate, Nancy, was one of the hostages. She also stopped Whiplash from terrorizing the park, thanks to some of her squirrels.


I love how the comic opens with a social media feed between Galactus, Tony Stark, and Squirrel Girl. What a cute way to summarize what happened in the last issue. The opening panel is a full page shot of Doreen taking a selfie on top of the unconscious (and defeated) Galactus. They even go so far as to have the questions sections found at the end of each comic on the very next page. Turn a few more pages in (har har!) and you will find the continuation of the story, telling us how she did it. One aspect I really enjoy that they touched on was how Galactus looks different to each species that looks at him. He looked like a Giant Squirrel to Tippy-Toe. Thanks to her knowledge of computers and her clever mind, she was able to deter him from eating Earth by leading him to another uninhabited planet full of nuts. Galactus, who turns out is a pretty cool guy, thanks Doreen by giving her a Galactus “Deadpool’s Guide to Super Villains” collector’s card. They part as good friends and Doreen makes her way to class after she checks up on her loose ends from earlier.

Nancy reveals to Doreen she knows she is Squirrel Girl, and is totally cool with it. She promises to keep her secret and is excited to have a cool roommate. The more I read this comic, the more I am convinced this is for teenage girls and not adults. It is silly to the extreme and pretty non-violent. It is nice she is solving her problems diplomatically, but I was hoping for a big battle between her and Galactus that showed off her squirrelly powers. I guess brain power will have to do until she comes across a situation she can’t beat by being clever. Until next time!

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