The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 005 May 2015 Review


When we last left Squirrel Girl she had defeated Galactus through an amazing feat of brain power (she hacked his computer systems and found an alternative planet for him to eat instead of Earth) and her roommate Nancy found out she is really Squirrel Girl… and is cool with it.


We get another opening page of social media like conversation, this time between Galactus, Tony Stark, Deadpool, Squirrel Girl, Tippy-Toe, and Nancy. (No atmosphere! lols) We start our comic with an interesting image of a T-Rex stomping around the Statue of Liberty (only in comics, man!) and Squirrel Girl is saving the day. We flash back to one hour earlier and see the hostages inside the Statue of Liberty debating on who is going to save them. One little boy is arguing the she-Thor will save them and the other bets Iron Man will save them. We cut to Nancy, who happens to be a hostage, saying Squirrel Girl will save them all (my money is on Nancy). No one else has heard of Squirrel Girl, except one old lady who tells us a story of Captain America and his sidekick, Squirrel Girl (another flash back!)!

We learn of how Captain America went crazy and decided to drop Democracy and Squirrel Girl for Bass Lass and Fascism. We get treated to ANOTHER flash back to Squirrel Girl and Captain America’s first mission (It is like the Inception of comic book flash backs. Sheesh!). Apparently, Captain America was being controlled by Hydra and a Red Skull-bot in the shape of a fish-headed woman. How was the fish head not a dead giveaway that something was a-foot? Come on Cap!

The flash back ends and we return to the hostage situation. It looks like each will get a chance to tell their own Squirrel Girl story while they wait to be rescued. The battle for their rescue has started, but we did not get to see any of it. Just the hostages mentioning who showed up and a little of what was going on. The next story the hostages tells is the story of Spider-Man and Venom with a little Secret Wars thrown in. The others tell their horribly wrong, but funny Squirrel Girl stories until the battle, still raging outside, comes to an end and the real Squirrel Girl comes through the window to save them all. Another silly comic from Squirrel Girl. I like the weird stories, but I think the battle would have been cooler to watch. Until next time!

The Dragon


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